Splinterlands 15 Mana Fight... Part Duex



Well Here we are. It's been a long freaking day and jack shit got done. I tried to get to this all day but couldn't. BUT I DID!!! I even missed out on a tourney I was posta be in! FML. ok lets see where we left off... AHH Yes the fight and letting you know how DOPE AF Splinterlands is.

Let me tell you again that this is a Play To Earn game. Meaning you can make some moolah playing this. Just use your email addy and sign up. Try it out for a spell get the hang of it. The if ya do love it get yourself the spellbook. Which mean now you can level up for reals and start your NFT collection of monsters and summoners!!!

When you start there is a pretty decent tutorial that will help ya get the feel of the whole thing. It's quite cool actually. I had to do the damn think like 8 times. I was under the influence so that's why P. The battles are ranked and you move both up and down in the raking. When you start your in the Novice league. Then bronze II, Bronze II, etc. If ya lose ya drop in rating.


Ok so you hit Battle the next screen will tell you the battle rules if and and let you see your opponents last five fights. This is pretty cool because you have an idea of what this mother lover is gonna play and you can be prepared. BUT REMEMBER he can see yours as well.

Next you pick your Summoner. This is kinda like picking your God in Gods Unchained. These Summoners have a mana cost. And this is added to you mana cost of the fight. This is how it goes down. You're in a battle with a 15 mana limit. You start with your summoner


In the upper left is their mana cost. Down there on the bottom is the ability's they give their crew, or slap up side your opponents head. Like the cat 3rd from the left. He gives the enemy a -1 to their spell damage. the chick second from the left gives a +1 to your crews melee attack and =1 to your health. Ya get the idea? Now that you picked the summoner say its that chick you are starting off down 4 mana in this 15 mana fight. So you have 11 pts to pick your peeps.

I typically don't play fire so I cant tell ya who's dope here or not. But you can see that fire has hella melee there Melee is the saw blade looking thingie below the mana on the left. and that is your speed. Basically where you are gonna rank in the fight as opposed to your opponent. Fire has some quick mofos. This is where you strategy come is to play. High speed or high dmg. ... lemme back up . Melee is the saw blade which is up front and personal. The bullseye means they are ranged, They cant fight close up. They need to be like in third position or so. Then there is magic, i don't have one of there there.. So that first dude does 2 damage with a speed of 2 but only has 3 health. He aint no tank and could get whoope pretty quick, maybe not.

It's all strategy man. You have to figure that shit out. There's hella tuts on youtube and hella other platforms. One particular thing I love about this game over Gods the battles are over fast af!!! not lasting over 3 min. Ya can bust a few out before bed, work, school, nookie, wtfever!! Hell ya knock em out whale making whoopie!!! This game you can play on mobile!!!

There's grips events going on so you have an opportunity to make even more coin.

About th funds here. The main token in Splinterlands is SPS. Ya can take this and stake it (put back into the community) and make some extra off the APR of that. I think the current apr is like 20%. And SPS is running at a dime or so I think. BUT WAIT don't let discourage you. Dig dude. Your keeping you $ in your pocket. Not the developer. Not some assclown in a far away land, or even in a near by land, LOL. you keep that shit. And if ya tire of the game you sell your freaking card. Not just let what you put in be a waste. Ok second part of the funds here is called DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) These are used to buy cards, or ya can use other methods as well. But you ear DEC when you rank high enough. Hold o to that shit for a spell and buy cards or convert that and your SPS into real moneezz!!! Use that coinbase link I gave in the previous link, Its so simple a caveman can do it!! But I guarantee you'll love this game if you give it a shot. It will take a lil time to figure out. But if you aint al REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you'll figure it out. Make some cheese and have a lil fun.

After all that you will discover the have and how much of an exciting community that is. And ya just might never go back to those jamokes that hold up on all your info and sell that shit and listen in on your conversations. Delete you pics get your peeps phone numbers and emails n shit. I only pop on to share some shit from here and see whats up with friends. But the Hive is the shiznit!! Ill do a post on that sometime as well. N E WAYS!!! I hope ya understood wtf I was saying and I hope to see you in either or both of these games soon. Or even one of the other blockchain games. If you have a game ya want me to check out post that shit in the comments. Ill get down with it. Hey person. THX for chilln with me. and remember...

Have A Happy Day And Don't Forget To Be Awesome!!!