The Splintering #41

Authored by @jackal-bandit

Stories from Praetoria to Yield Guild Games

My role as a YGG Splinterlands Game Ambassador is to be a bridge between two communities; Yield Guild Games and Splinterlands. This has been sent from the front lines of the Chaos Legion's Invasion of Praetoria. We need your help against Queen Mycelia!

Splinterlands Support Group Members will receive 10% of tips on the post if your video appears.

The Splintering.png


Splinterlands has announced that they have a new game in development that will use the same cards/NFTs

Town Hall.

Official Splinterlands meeting of Battle-Mages.


A new Sneak meta is emerging with Dhampir Infiltrator at the centre of it.

YGGSPL Weekend Challenge.

Official YGGSPL Battle Mage live stream.


30-minute sit-down session with one of the top Splinterlands Battlemages.

YGGSPL Top Streamers - Official Splinterlands TV Team

Rogue Patton - Every Monday and
Damour - Every Friday and Saturday
Tales from the Crypt Mancer - Every Saturday and Sunday

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