Xbot - is it worthy


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I will try to make it short.

First of all i've never used a bot in any other game that i've ever played before and I hesitated if i should use or not.

I know that there are many more bots for Splinterlands right now and a while back i might concider giving 1 of them 25-50$ for a token but i did not like the attitude of the team that runs it.So i passed.

About 2 weeks back one of my guild members sent me a link that was for minting tokens for Xbot the price was 10 bucks so i thought ok i will get one even if its a rug pull i can live with that.

Good things happened and it wasn't a rug pull.

I let it run for the rest of the season

The results:

ScreenHunter_1834 Nov. 30 08.29.jpg

ScreenHunter_1834 Nov. 30 08.28.jpg

Keep in mind that after day 3-4 the bot the bot was already in diamond and it used modern CL max gold deck.

In the moment the bot is still being tweaked here and there by the creator.
And the 500+ battles that you see here and the winrate will be better in the future. Here the bot surrender in maybe 20 maybe more battles and still manage to progress. In addition Lux Vega was added to the game and it had to be integrated so the bot starts using it.

Just from battling the bot accumulate about 188+ sps which is about 7$ in the current market.
In addition another 140+ sps from daily chests many cards, merits ect.
I can't say the bot is better than a human, in some cases it's even worse.
But this season for the first time ever the account got to diamond two.

ScreenHunter_1792 Nov. 27 17.49.jpg

As i said my deck is max gold level CL and the only 2 cards i've rented for combination of 4 days are Dr. Blight and Almo.

Overall i really enjoy it because i had no time and i would not play as much as usual so some of the CR would be wasted and in this case the bot did not let that happened.

Join the Discord - https://discord.gg/ej5RdFKA
The creator makes whitelist and will sell 100 tokens every week or so.
If you need help with grinding or you want to use it for your alts this is
a good option.
One time payment ,for 1st of december the price will be between 20-30$.There is no % of the rewards that would go to xbot or something else. The only thing that @sylar1 , the creator said he might add as extra payment will be for some extras that are not necessery for you to use the bot but just to make the experience more complete and the using of the bot easier.


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