Avoiding Debt, Diversifying And PobPunks


My dad's birthday party's happening this weekend. I honestly can't wait to be done with the festivities and return to my normal life of not spending and just living daily in comfort. I've spent a lot more than I planned on this month and the month isn't over yet.

I had some plans already on what I would do but once I got home I got dragged into things that weren't on my budget. Getting in debt wasn't part of the plan but my mother made sure I did and then she put me on the spot to pay up when I wasn't ready to.

It was not a good day for me. I planned on taking care of myself for the next couple of weeks until the year ends but now I have to move the self-care plans to next month thanks to these bills from absolutely nowhere.

In other news

On the fun side, I've also had the opportunity to diversify and invest a little into Rising Star. I purchased 6 packs yesterday and I think I'm good with the cards I got, although I don't fully understand what they'll be used for yet. Someone told me I won't fully understand the game until I get to level 50. Well, I'm still in level 7 won't guess I have a long way to go.

I like how easy the game is to play. I recently read that eventually, I'll have to start working on some strategies but until then, I'll enjoy my free pass.

Also, the new season on Dcrops starts today. I have been looking forward to it because j finally purchased some seeds to make the most of this season. I've also been seeing posts about purchasing stuff like fertilizers and boosters but I'm not sure I'm financially ready to understand what they mean yet.

Finally, Splinterlands has been a drag as usual. Completing my daily quest has gotten so hard but I try to stay consistent because the daily rewards are needed. Although I currently earn about 95 DEC from rentals daily, which I think is dope, I still need to earn a little more.

I want to invest more in gaming. I'm hoping I get to start games like Axie Infinity next year. In the meantime, I'll stick with what I got.

I got a #PobPunk NFT

So, I know I've been low key hating and ranting about wanting a punk NFT. Truth is, I didn't want to pay above the 20 Hive even after the presale was over. So, I stumbled on an airdrop and today my friend told me to check out my wax.io wallet thingy and I found my baby.

I'm excited coz I hate missing out and I just had to have it coz everyone wouldn't chill about it.

I currently don't know if the #pobpunk is any different from the regular punk NFTs but I have one and I'm happy.

Last rant about Dad's birthday

So, the decorator cancelled today. It was so last minute and now we know anyone we get would probably charge twice the price. In other words, I'll be on hall decoration duty on Saturday. I don't know how well I can pull it off but I hope I can do a good job.

Until then...

Thanks for reading!

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