Questions about the best ways to buy on Splinterlands.

Hello, I am not very new to Splinterlands, but I have some questions about buying assets through third party sites. I noramlly use Hive Engine and Coinbase since I am comfortable using these platforms and have become used to them. My issue is that every time I make a purchase whether it is SPS, vouchers, etc. on Hive engine I feel like im losing a substantial amount. How I do it is I transfer crypto from Coinbase to Hive Engine, then I swap it to Hive to then buy my desired item. Have I been going about this the wrong way? Is there a much cheaper way of doing this and I just haven't come accross it yet? I want to thank anyone who replies ahead of time because even though I have been playing a little while some things remain a bit confusing and it is not always easy to find help!

-Youngeagles95 =D