Splinterlands 1 month and 12 days progression and HOW TO MAXIMIZE RESOURCES.


I found out Splinterlands from a Youtube video of top 10 NFT games. I immediately check Splinterlands, fall in love in the game mechanic and only spend 10 dollars to buy the spellbook.

In this blog I will share to you my progression and how I did it. I will also share to you what are the things that I did wrong you should avoid.

Here is the screen shot of my deck:




My rating:


The things I did to progress in the game as a Spellbook buyer only.

  1. Setting a goal.
    I set a goal and that is to have a reliable deck that I can use without needing to rent. It is really important to set a goal short term or long term. For example for a short term goal, buying a Venari Wavesmith card. Long term goal can be increasing power to 15,000 to reach silver. Right now my actual power is at 4,400 I rented out some gold foil cards so that I can earn more DEC.

  2. Rent to own.
    I usually rent cards before the end of season. It was before the bronze level got nerfed. I rent cards for the purpose of buying other cards. This is how I got so many cards thinking that these card will be beneficial for me in the long term. This will also lessen the power requirement when I want to get to silver 3 in end of the season. Lesser power requirement lesser renting equals more profit. There are many tutorial on how to rent in Splinterlands. My only tip is to rent cards that are off meta so that it is much cheaper. For the power find cards like Beta and Promo that are level 10 they are more cheaper than the other cards specially when it is not end of season yet.

    The way I play splinterlands is 2 days day off and 2 days of playing. This is to maximize renting. I can usually get 3 daily loot chest in one renting and that is stacking up daily rewards. (Note this is what I do in bronze league and renting to get to silver league this maybe different if you are on higher league)
    The concept is very simple. Stacking daily reward chest up to 2. Renting cards that are relevant for the 1st quest. Finishing the quest. Renting power after the quest is finish. Claiming the daily reward chest. Renting again if needed for the second daily reward chest. If you finish the quest fast enough you have sometime to finish the third one with 30 minutes spare time. This is possible because renting a card for one day is 24 hours and daily reward chest reset in 23 hours. if you finish your daily rewards chest on time it is possible to get three daily reward chest. I usually spend 75 DEC to 100 DEC that includes the card for power and the card for winning battles. it is very hard to say an exact number since the prices are constantly changing in the market. I usually get back the DEC spend on the first day with an ECR of 100% down to 75% and on the second day from 99% to 50%. With this method I usually get 200-300% ROI in DEC plus 6 loot chest and higher chance of getting cards.
    I hope you get what I meant if you have questions with this don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

  4. Always check the market.
    Most of my cards are not from the rewards that I got in the daily reward chest. Most of it are bought. I always take advantage when the season end because most players and bot users are eager to sell their cards and this is the time you can buy them. The supply are bountiful so the price is low. You can also take advantage of bidding in peakmonster. If you are planning to buy for your own usage I suggest using the monstermarket to get discount for your purchase.

This is how I progress in the game. I hope you learn a thing or two and thank you for reading my blog.