Never use Venari Seedsmith? Here's how top champion players use Seedsmith.



Hi, thank you for checking this post!
Today, I'd like to share battles where competitive champion players use Venari Seedsmith.

It is a chaos legion reward card and I don't think it is a popular card. Let's quickly check the stats.

スクリーンショット 2022-11-03 午後8.24.23.png

At max level, it is 5 mana, 4 archery, 4 speed, 4 health.
Honestly, it is not a sexy card. However, it has great use cases that I'm going to show now.

Rise of the commons

Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.

58 mana, rise of commons

Only 3 taunt monsters are available in rise of commons. Mycelic slipspawn, Shieldbearer and Night Ghoul. Mycelic slipspawn and Night ghoul have forcefield which takes only 1 damage if the attack is more than 5, so you want to have as many monster as possible that do 4 damage.

Venari seedsmith does exactly that! On top of that, it has poison, so it is one of the best monster against slipspawn!

In this match both teams use Mycelic slipspawn. Uwelang brought Seedsmith and Cyguy used Regal peryton instead. Seedsmith did much better job attacking Slipspawn and took down the opponent's Slipspawn faster, which changed the game.

44 mana, rise of the commons, silenced summoner

I also had a similar battle, so I'm sharing it here :)

Look at poison on the first round! Now that is awesome!

However, the opponent's affliction stopped me healing Slipspawn on the first round, while it took 3 rounds for my affliction to land on their Slipspawn. Even with that, I took down their Slipspawn earlier and that was all I needed to win the game.

13 mana, rise of the commons, holy protection

I thought this battle is interesting because return fire from Ilthain looks pretty bad for Venari seedsmith. Watch what happens :)
It looks like Khemer princess is one of the best partner with Seedsmith.

Noxious Fumes (Poison)

I didn't think Seedsmith would do very well because how low his hp is. If you think so, you'll be surprised how long he can survive.

44 mana, noxious fumes


Equalizer gives every card the same hp, so you don't have to worry about Seedsmith's low hp.

48 mana, equalizer, taking sides


This match is perfect for Seedsmith, 2 rulesets that he can do well! However, it is not good for me because I lose this match LOL


If he can survive poison, he can survive through earthquake too!

52 mana, earthquake, aim true


Close Range

I think it's obvious that he can do well in close range ruleset because it'll have increased hp by the time he goes to the 1st position.

36 mana, close range, healed out

The last blow on ruler of the seas was great while it took some heavy magic attacks.

Mylor counter

I found that Seedsmith can do pretty well against Mylor since it has decent archery damage and poison. Often times, Mylor team has good defense but you can beat them if you bring enough damage per round.

20 mana, Standard

Competitive champion players like to use Mylor a lot, so I decided to counter them with more damage per round.

Of course, the opponent's poison hits on Seedsmith on the first shot. However, thanks to scavenger and high damage output + triage, it survived well!

22 mana, weak magic, taking sides

In weak magic, people like to put protect monster. Queen mycelia is great adding armor to friendly monsters while it takes away 2 armors from the enemy. Only dragon, death, earth were available. Here, Mylor play was obvious to me, so I decided to counter it!


Venari seedsmith can do well in those situations:

  • Rise of the commons
  • Noxious fumes
  • Earthquake
  • Equalizer
  • Close range
  • Mylor counter with higher damage output

Isn't this list pretty long for 2 cent card? $2 for maxed out copy?
Let me know what you think about this in the comment section!

I had to max out in Gold Foil

I learned a lot about Venari Seedsmith and I just had to get gold foil!

スクリーンショット 2022-11-03 午後9.32.02.png

bought GF seedsmith.png

Now, I'm a happy owner of the GF lvl8 Venari seedsmith.
Bring me more SPS to me, thanks! 🤣

If you want to watch all the battles that I gathered for Venari seedsmith, here's the playlist of battles on Youtube!

If you haven't joined Splinterlands, the amazing & fun blockchain-based trading card game, please use this link to create an account!

Thank you for reading!!


Agree, one of the most under used cards in game, for regular players like me :) I don't use spreadsheets or splintertools, so mostly play off instinct. I am not partucarly good, just playing for a long time.

So this tip was useful. I will use seedsmith more :)


Thank you for reading and upvote, Azircon 😃
I'm glad that it was helpful!


I also want to play but does the 3gb ram phone run smoothly?


I'm not an expert on phones but you can try 😄
It is a fun game. I was not so into trading card game but this game caught me!


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I've been Splinterblogging for a long time but have never seen a better title for both Hive and YouTube. Your idea to watch the champs was ace.


Nice guide! Thanks for that, you gave value to a really heavy under considerated card. 😀