Hi, everyone! Today, I'd like to share my battles with Dhampir Stalker!

Let's check the stats of Dhampir Stalker before looking at the battles.


dhampir stalker stats.png

Bronse: It has 3 archery damage, 2 speed, 5 heart with aim true (never miss the attack).
Silver: 4 archery damage
Gold: 4 archery damage, Deathblow
Diamond: 5 archery damage

It doesn't have any popular skill but stats wise, but it looks decent.
The aim true can be powerful when we have a lot more evasive monsters like Chaos agent, Coeurl lurker etc and we have a summoner with backfire (Aquatus)..


I'd like to share 2 of my battles here.

Back to basics

52 mana, back to basics, odd ones out

Dhampir stalker is great stats wise, 5 archery, 4 speed, 7 attack. Big archery damage, decent speed.

Whenever a card doesn't have a strong abilities, that card is often good in back to basics.

Since Mimosa is strong in back to basics ruleset (providing void and -1 archery), dhampir stalker is a great card to use with Mimosa in this ruleset.


In this ruleset, every card loses armor.

48 mana, unprotected

Thought process of this battle

In this ruleset, taunt monsters or tanks with any armor loses a lot of their value (shieldbearer, kraken, diemonshark etc) since one armor can take one physical attack.

So the taunt monsters without any armor become relatively stronger in this ruleset. For example, Dark ho'an, Mycelic Slipspawn, Magnor, Coeurl lurker.

Also, opportunity monsters become relatively stronger because you can't protect low hp monsters with armor.

The most popular monster in this ruleset could be Dragon jumper since it has 5 melee damage, 5 speed with stun.

Speed will be relatively more important because if you have fast opportunity monsters, there's a high chance that your opportunity monsters can take out the opponent's weak monsters before they can do anything.

Because of the above reasons, people tend to lean on physical damage monsters like, sneak, opportunity. However it doesn't mean that you can neglect thinking about magic attacks unless you bet that the opponent won't use much magic.

Thinking about all that, I decided to go with death out of the 3 available splinters (earth, life, death)

If water and dragon were open, I might have picked earth because Mycelic slipspawn has forcefield. (Another choice would be Night Ghoul) The opponent can use Dragon jumper and Deeplurker. They both have 5 melee attacks which can only do 1 damage to Mycelic slipspawn who has forcefield.

I was not so convinced with the rest of the monsters in earth though. I would like fast melee or archery monsters, big but fast opportunity damage would work well. Earth kind of lacks that in high mana matches in modern format.

On the other hand, death has Dark Ha'on, the taunt that is great against magic and Lira the dark, fast opportunity monster with swiftness. Other than that, I decided to go with sneak monsters and Dhampir stalker.

At this point, I wanted high damage output, so Dhampir stalker works for that. Since there's no armor, archery attack would work better than usual.

If you don't have a chance to use Kitty...

You might want to consider using Dhampir Stalker because it has true strike and it never misses. Riftwatcher introduced Coeurl Lurker, which is very evasive (4 speed, phase, dodge) neutral taunt tank. If you have 2 true strike monsters and speed buff/debuff, you might have no problem killing Coeurl lurker.

Here's the list of monsters who have true strike.
(this list excludes one gladious card to save space)

スクリーンショット 2022-11-13 午後5.10.55.png

You probably don't make a team around true strike ability but it might be worth thinking about especially in enrage ruleset.

Another article about Dhampir Stalker coming...

Before writing this article, I have looked for battles where top champion players use Dhampir stalker. I found some interesting use cases for this card, so I'd like to share that in the next post.

Another season end is getting close. I hope you guys can get as high as you can get and have a good luck with your end of season reward!

Thank you for reading!

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