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Hi! Today, I'd like to share my battles with Molten Ash Golem.

Let's look at the stats of the card again!


スクリーンショット 2022-12-01 午後10.23.38.png

  • Level 1: 1 archery, 1 speed, 9 health, close range [novice]
  • Level 2: 1 archery, 1 speed, 10 health [bronze]
  • Level 4: 2 archery, 1 speed, 10 health [silver]
  • Level 6: 2 archery, 2 speed, 10 health, weaken [gold]
  • Level 8: 3 archery, 2 speed, 10 health, demoralize [diamond/champion]

Before Chaos Legion, there was not a card that is like Molten Ash Golem. The closest card was Ettin Spearman (8 mana, 5 archery, 3 speed, 10 HP), which is not so close.

I actually like Molten Ash Golem more because of the speed. In my opinion, 2 speed is okay in reverse speed ruleset but 3 speed is not very great, giving 20% chance to miss an attack against a monster with 1 speed, which is not negligeable. Also, all the Molten Ash Golem's abilities are nice bonuses.

This is a very interesting card because the card is slow, 2 speed (good for reverse speed ruleset). It also has 10 hp, which is pretty good amount for 6 mana monster.
It also have weaken and demoralize to lower enemies' hp and melee attack. Close range is a bonus.

My Battles:

50 mana, reverse speed

Both teams selected Grum Flameblade, Lava launcher, and Zalran Efreet.
I used Lava launcher as the 2nd tank, used Molten Ash Golem as the 3rd tank.

I lost my 1st and 2nd tank before I kill the enemy's Grum. This looked really bad to me but Molten Ash Golem was able to tank some damage, being an important piece of this battle.

54 mana, target practice, rise of the commons

In this ruleset, Yodin was easily expected because if archery or magic can hit 2nd monster, blast damage reaches 1st and 3rd monsters, instead of just 2nd monster.

I picked Molten Ash Golem as the 2nd tank. I put Ash Mirage in the 3rd position to block blast damage. Molten Ash Golem did a great job tanking attacks from the archery units and blast damage from the enemy's melee attacks. Reducing the enemy's hp and melee damage were helpful.

Thoughts on this card

I think this card is easily overlooked since damage output is not so high, those abilities are not must-haves. However, this card makes a great 2nd, 3rd tank in certain rulesets like reverse speed, rise of the commons, target practice, lost legendaries etc. It is also nice that even if it goes to the first position, it can still attack because of close range ability.

It has a good synergy with Living Lava (Rust) + Molten Ash Golem reducing hp. If you add opportunity monster, you might be able to kill the opponent's weakest monster early on.

It also can do well with monsters with demoralize,

Bonus Battles!

Molten Ash Golem + more demoralize in super sneak ruleset

Using weaken strategically

Jacek + Molten Ash Golem in spreading fury

I thought this usage of Molten Ash Golem interesting. I believe it is used to decrease the opponent's monsters health so that scattershots can kill backline monsters easier.
Also, Molten Ash Golem has relatively high hp, so it can survive some turns even if it hits return fire.

These are monsters that you could pair with Jacek + Molten Ash Golem to decrease the opponent monsters' hit points:

Weaken: Goblin Shaman, Doctor Blight
Rust: Living Lava, Scavo Technomancer

2 Weakens against Yodin

In this battle, grand.high.witch is taking advantage of weaken very well. The opponent's Spark pixie and Countess Sinash died with 1 return fire. That became a huge advantage in this battle.

Final thoughts

The bonus battles above made me rethink of the value of Molten Ash Golem. The weaken can be
very powerful especially when you combine it with more weaken or rust.
I've never used Molten Ash Golem for weaken mainly but I'd like to try it sometime.

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Thank you for reading!


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