Battle Mage Secrets: Sneak Attack Little Warriors

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Hello! to all members of the Splinterlands community. I'm @zactian. I'll write about my strategy and another weekly challenge, Battle Mage Secrets, in my blog today.

What Account Use

I'm using BLTZR-WIZARD-728. I'll share my main strategy in this straightforward but efficient likelihood of winning rule-set max-level cards in a modern format.

Little League is the challenge, You can only utilize summoners and units with a mana cost of four or less. A good strategy for a sneak attack or range attack line-up with useful abilities and prioritizing speed or damage for the high chance of winning in the battle.

Share your thoughts on the possible lineups at this level in the comments section below. Does it work with this set of battle rules? Let's examine and compare it with the Little League rule set.


Little League

Only units and summoners with a mana cost of 4 or less may be used.


Rule Set


Up Close & Personal

  • Only melee units are usable in this battle.

Little League

  • Only units and summoners with a mana cost of 4 or less may be used.

Rise of the Commons

  • Only rare and common cards are usable in this battle.

Recommended summoner to use Little League rule set for this match:

Only life is inactive in this battle since no overpower legendary will be used in this match because of Rise of the Common, then I can assume that the opponent will use a sneak attack or range attack strategy. I recommend choosing Dragon Element and in this case, I choose the Quix the Devious since this is the only card summoner I have in less than 4 mana cost.


This is a good summoner for extra cards to choose from. With this Up Close & Personal rule set, I can be guaranteed that the opponent will use also the dragon element with a sneak attack strategy. Now the only difference is the cards used in the battle.

I would plan to use the Dragon and Water elements as these element units have most of the advantage in speed present and of course, I will use a sneak attacks strategy.

Note: I only have limited cards but they are useful in some rule sets and I will try my best to win with existing cards. So if you want a high chance of winning, I advise you to rent or buy useful or stronger cards for most rule sets.

Link of the battle: RUMBLE

My Lineup


First position - Cruel Sethropod

  • Cruel Sethropod is used in this battle because of its massive health and armor which is good for tanking in the first position.

Second position - Twilight Basilisk

  • Twilight Basilisk can attack in second position with 3 melee damage and chances to apply stun which cannot attack next turn.

Third position - Dhampir Infiltrator

  • My second main melee damage sneak attack of my team with 2 melee damage with a cripple ability that can reduce the opponent's health by 1 once it hits and has a double strike ability which can double attack in the opponent's back position.

Fourth position - Pelacor Bandit

  • The main melee damage sneak attack of my team is with 4 melee damage and has a flying ability which has a chance to miss incoming melee attacks of the opponent and this unit has 6 speeds that can chances attack first in each round.
    Fifth position - Vruz
  • My support damage as it has martyrs ability and extra damage as it has true strike in 2 melee damage attack. It can boosts my Pelacor Bandit once this unit is executed by opposing team.

Last position - Xenith Monk

  • Acts as a tank in the last position as I assume that the opponent will also use sneak strategy, this good unit as it has a healing ability that can heal himself.

Analyzing Battle

The opponent puts too much defense in the back position, the only difference is that my team compared to the opponent's strategy is that I have advantages with it comes to damage in the sneak attack strategy while the opponent focuses on more defense in the back position. You can already see that Xenith Monk of the opponent is in first position while my Xenith Monk is in last position. I might have a higher chance of winning this battle because I dominate the opponent in melee damage. We also pick Quix the Devious which is ideal for extra card strategy. Will my sneak attack work against the opponent's defense in the back position? lets see in battle.

Effective or not?


As expected the opponent Iziar was easily executed and gave +3 all stats to Chaos Dragon and Void Dragon.


So many missed opponent attacks to my Pelacor Bandit because of the speed difference. As you can see my Vruz is in fifth position and boosting my Pelacor Bandit is a good choice strategy as this will increase the chance of miss incoming, especially the opponent Dhampir Infiltrator. After my Vruz is executed it gives +1 to all stat to my Pelacor Bandit which now has 6 speed and 5 melee damage giving me another advantage of executing easily the opponent's back position with almost guaranteed hit all rounds.

The opponent is also good in terms of positioning and well plan with the cards it has. If the opponent has stronger cards compared to mine, I might lose in this battle. So buy or Rent stronger and more useful cards for a higher chance of winning the match.

My favorite element line-up is the water element, where the majority of the units are fast. If you wish to utilize the water element, please go through a few of my posts, I hope you find them helpful.


Thanks! for supporting me, being here, and coming this far. I'm hoping this can assist you with some of your battles. I suggest using speed to increase your chances of winning battles since it increases your ability to block oncoming strikes and launch first attacks.

You can share thoughts and ideas about what could be possible to use in this Keep Your Distance rule set.

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