Love to see leofinance team really care about Curation on LeoFinance

I just wake up today morning and starts checking trending posts on @ecency I just noticed a new post published from @leofinance official Account around 8 hours ago that is about Curation on LeoFinance

Leo.voter is account which have over 3.2 million hive Power, and the purpose of this account is to reward the community with upvotes so they took some steps to improve there curration system they set new rules to make it better and fair more decentralized

I am not going in detail of these rules but I am sure it will definitely improve Curation rewards and upvotes mechanism on LeoFinance, after Reading that article I am feeling very hopeful leofinance team will be able to make there Curation rewards more decentralized or diverse

images (1).jpeg

If you are content creator on hive blockchain and you are creating content about cryptocurrency, finance, blockchain or all other related topics then leofinance community is the strongest and most popular community to join and get benefits and rewards as a productive member

In short if you are a LeoFinance community manager either you are a new member or using leofinance from year now you can get more upvotes and Curation rewards, just by creating quality blog post, Threads, holding Leo power and just by becoming a top active leofinance community member or contributer

I am using from 2021 believe me I don't see any community supportive then leofinance it's not only about @khaleelkazi and other leofinance team members who are trying there best to improve everything including daily active users all other leofinance members love to support each other by giving upvotes

I wish we all start promoting leofinance community as a most developed or papular community of Hive so if we are able to get few thousands active users it will definitely help us to make everything better related to hive blockchain and LeoFinance

At the end I really appreciate the efforts of team and all active members and I am also very thankful for taking these steps to improve Curation on LeoFinance after new UI lounch, keep it up keep pushing it we will soon see a result of these efforts

For more details about new Curation rewards improvement rules please read recently published post of @leofinance at A Complete Overhaul to Curation on LeoFinance | Be Active and Earn Big Upvotes (3.2M HP