Splinterlands - Low hanging fruit report 29.04.2022


Here we go, the cheapest cards on the market on the 29th April 2021!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Low hanging fruit report. If you have not joined us here before, to make it simple, I have been recording the lowest cards on the market per edition since this post here.

The idea is to track and trace the rise and fall of card values. Do with that what you will! Is it a good time to invest in cards? I believe that cards are really cheap right now on the 29th of April 2022. Some may get cheaper, but overall there is growth as well.

Time will tell and so will my graphs. I need to be doing this over the course of many months to get those stats to show us true trending instead of just fluctuating.

We are now on the End of Season EOS. Finally, my graphs can start including the fluctuations of whole seasons!

Let's get stuck in!


The Venari Heatsmith


The cheapest Common Cards in a graph


Right and without the Alpha Cards...

Awesome and these will get better as more data is added!

Low Hanging Fruit - Card Values

Common Cards

This is today...

This was yesterday...

The cheapest cards of the day ranging from $0.015 till $0.016 are still the usual suspects: The CHEAP SIX: the Pelacor Deceiver, Gargoya Lion, Venari Heatsmith, Pelacor Mercenary, Pelacor Conjurer and Pelacor Bandit.

On the special watchlist, the Venari Heatsmith going up to: $0.015.

  • The cheapest Chaos Legion Reward cards is the Pelacor Deceiver at $0.015
  • The cheapest Chaos Legion card is the Gargoya Scrapper at $0.072.
  • The cheapest Untamed era Reward card is the Harvester at $0.116.
  • The cheapest Dice card is Marrow's Ghost at $0.188.
  • The cheapest Untamed card right now is Tortisian Fighter at $0.242.
  • The Cheapest Beta era reward card is the Ettin Spearman at $0.306.
  • The Cheapest Beta card is a Minotaur Warrior at $0.848.
  • The Cheapest Alpha card is a Silvershield Warrior at $1.840.

The cheapest Chaos Legion Reward cards are much cheaper! Reward card DUMP. Opportunity!
The cheapest Chaos Legion cards are the same 2 days in a row.
The cheapest Untamed Reward went up solidly.
The cheapest Dice card went up $0.01
The cheapest Untamed Card card went slightly.
The cheapest Beta era Reward went up a little. Still cheap. Opportunity!
The cheapest Beta cards went down a bit.
The cheapest Alpha stayed the same.

The graph tells it all! Chaos Legion Rewards are being dumped all over the market in a price war. Probably to pay for the running costs of all those bots haha. Meanwhile older, non-bot-earnable cards generally trended up in value. I suspect that we will see the same in Rare.

Rare cards

Right, let's see how the Rare cards are looking...

  • The Cheapest Chaos Legion Reward Card is the Gargoya Devil at $0.064.
  • The Cheapest Chaos Legion Card is the Portal Spinner at $0.117.
  • The cheapest Untamed era Reward card is the Temple Priest at $0.363.
  • The cheapest Untamed card right now is Dark Astronomer at $0.650.
  • The Cheapest Beta era reward card is the Gremlin Blaster at $0.577.
  • The Cheapest Beta card is a Stone Golem at $1.864.
  • The cheapest Dice card is Qid Yuff at $2.690.
  • The Cheapest Alpha card is a Silvershield Paladin at $3.945.

On the special watchlist, the Venari Wavesmith at: $0.069. - This went down again so I bought some! I have 70 BCX of this card! 45 to go!

The cheapest Chaos Legion Rewards went up!
The cheapest Chaos Legion went up!
The cheapest Untamed Rewards went down.
The cheapest Untamed went up
The cheapest Beta Rewards went up.
The cheapest Beta went up slightly.
The cheapest Dice went up slightly.
The cheapest Alpha cards stayed the same.

So I was wrong there! Haha!


The Cheapest Epic card in the game is the Lava Launcher at $0.336. This is up a little again, still nice and cheap.


The Cheapest Legendary card in the game is Harklaw today at $1.805. This went up a bit.

We are STILL in the golden age of opportunity! Overall I see higher prices... Grab what you can guys! Soon they will all go up again!


Quest Rewards


Pelacor Bandit, Pelacor Conjurer and Pelacor Mercenary! 3x cards on Silver 2. lol


End of Season Rewards!


A Chaos Legion pack! A Harklaw! Wow!
Venari Seedsmith, Naga Assassin.
3x Pelacor Mercenary, Pelacor Conjurer, Pelacor Deceiver and Pelacor Bandit.
7x Potions
68 DEC

I NEEDED to see what what inside that pack!


An Epic and a Gold Foil! Woohoo!



Today, at the time of this writing SPS now at $0.125. Up and up again it seems. Oh... and 88 days left of the airdrops! Get them while you can!

My SPS is as follows:

I achieved that 11,000 SPS staked mark! What to do now?


DEC Goals!

Right, time to build up my savings again! let's go!

40,177 DEC collected Est Value: $61,31.


CP and card collection

So much to process here! I need to look at cards I can potentially max or fill up to the next level up that are a good investment!

I have a total of 278,575CP.
Yesterday I had 277,635 CP.
Thus I went up +940CP.

If you would like anything to be added to this log and assessment, feel free to make a request!

Not playing yet! Join here!

Not playing Splinterlands yet? Join here: https://splinterlands.com?ref=zakludick

Cheers for now!

Credits to @freeztag for the divider!




Those end of EOS rewards are sweet bro!

And the pack openings 👌

I was wondering what has EOS blockchain to do with Splinterlands until to see its an abbreviations for end of season 😃 I learnt something new now.

Looks like you ended the season in Gold III as well.

Good luck with the new season

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Totally dude! 🤣 The EOS abbrv caught me many times!


Oh so you are not the inventor of the abbreviation?

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Oh no. People were like: "Good luck with the Splinterlands EOS guys!" And I was really confused wondering if they somehow linked another blockchain to the game or what?!


🤣🤣🤣 and then I became the next victim wondering if Splinterlands got in on EOS blockchain!

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