My first post participating in this new weekly event, I liked it, it is much more challenging and interesting than the previous one, I had to play a lot of matches until I found this blessed rule, luckily I won 😂.
For today's rule we have Aimless, this rule transforms the battlefield into a real bullet hell 😂.




AIMLESSAll monsters have the Scattershot ability.

This rule makes all monsters on the field have the ability Scattershot (Ranged and Magic attacks hit a random enemy target) making it difficult for any strategy that has these types of attacks, because the targets will always be random, abilities such as taunt and camouflage do not work in the middle of this uncontrolled shooting. Strategies that focus on melee damage can play without problem, but it is not always the best way out 😃.

Knowing that your shot will hit anywhere, I've separated some skills that can help you cope with this chaos.

TriageThis ability is almost always going to have a target to heal, as hardly a unit is going to be focused on.
ability_blast.pngBlastImagine your damage falling right in the middle of the opponent's lineup and hitting the cards next to it, I love when this happens, besides, it can clear abilities like Divine Shield and take some of the armor from adjacent cards, I hate cards with 1 armor 😅.
ability_protect.pngProtectArmor for your entire team, sometimes it can be ineffective, but I always like to use it, it is almost a Divine Shield for your entire team.
ability_martyr.pngMartyrFor those who want to make it even more random, there is this new option, you just have to pray that the shots hit the unit with this ability and the magic will happen.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 43 mana and the Aimless/Tis But Scratches/Going the Distance rule. The Going the Distance rule severely limits my card options by only allowing cards that use distance attacks, Aimless will turn this game into bullet hell, and Tis But Scratches will complicate healing.

Knowing that only cards with ranged attacks are able to participate I opted for the element of death, because usually cards with this type of attack has low HP, using Thaddius with its HP debuff would increase my chance to kill a unit with just one hit, for tank I had a surprise the legendary Drybone Raider was able to play and did not think twice in putting it in the first position, Then I put the rat with martyr if it dies it will strengthen my tank, then I followed with Drampir Stalker pure DPS, Ravenhood Warden extra armor for the whole team, Supply Runner and Lira The Dark both have good damage and increase my speed a lot, hitting first here will be very important.

Thaddius Brood_lv5.pngSummoner : It will take at least 1 HP from the opposing team, its magic damage debuff will hardly be used here.
Drybone Raider_lv1.pngTank : A surprise here, I always forget about these cards with two attack types, with this she can stay in the first position to attack 2x melee, can get a good buff if activates martyr of the rat 😅.
Venari Marksrat_lv1.pngOff-Tank: I'm really enjoying this card, it's practically a meat shield that when it dies strengthens the ones next to it, it has a good chance of happening right at the beginning due to the Aimless rule.
Dhampir Stalker_lv5.pngDPS: Pure damage here, it's even a bit resistant, nothing more.
Ravenhood Warden_lv2.pngSuport : One of the new rewards, this one, is appearing a lot in death element games, as his Protect skill is quite scarce in that element.
Supply Runner_lv6.pngDPS: A card that will give a speed buff to the team, adding to Lira's my team will have great chances of dodging and attacking first.
Lira the Dark_lv3.pngSuport: Excellent hunter, but here in this bullet hell she won't be able to use her main ability and will shoot like crazy 🤣, she has a good damage and will increase the team's speed..


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: A white deck with General Sloan was predicted, the opponent's damage is very heavy, but all my team has armor thanks to the Ravenhood Warden's protect ability, so it will take at least 2 hits to knock out one of my units.

Round 1 - In the first move, Lira the Dark knocks out Pelacor Arbalast, which was only 3 HP thanks to my summoner's debuff, almost in the middle of this step Drybone kills Venari by activating the matyr, the round ends a few moves later with me in the advantage, because besides having all the cards in play I have more speed to attack first.


Round 2 - Attacking almost always first Lira and Supply Ranner combine an attack and take Venari Crystalsmith out of the game, then Dhampir Stalker knocks out Pegasus, after almost all my cards have attacked Gargoya applies heavy damage to my tank taking him out of the game, and in the last move of the round Prismologist finishes my rat, Dhampir got the martyr bonus.


Round 3 - Finally, the victory came, always being the first to attack Lira takes Gargoya out of the game, leaving the now defenseless Prismologist in the first position, it was just waiting until the victory came.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

Aimless is a funny rule that will give you joy and anger simultaneously, it will allow unbelievable plays for both players, in this match the Protect helped to hold the opponent's strong damage, the speed buffs also helped a lot, because it made me attack with almost all cards before the opponent, some of them like Pelacor Arbast didn't even attack because of this impetus.


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. DANDO8

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