Angel Of Light Inspired // Splinterlands Art Contest #209


For my character for this week's splinterlands Art contest, I would rather call her The Bruised Angel, I decided to use the Angel of Light Card as my reference and inspiration for my Art this week.
The concept was to make an opposite of the card though with the card in mind. And what I mean by opposite is making an angel of darkness. But I later had a switched mind and displayed something different. I thought of leaving the angel sad and broken in a way.
More like she was caged, chained, beaten, and wounded.
The concept was to display the pains of a bruised and wounded angel, I hope I am not far from what I wanted to present.
Permit me to show you guys a few processes of the work below.

Work Process



First I started the sketch with the outlines, I had a seated angel figure in my mind so I went searching for the posture I needed and then settled for this. After sketching out the outlines, I had to first change the color of the background from white to something a little deem so I could tell the outlook of my angel when I start painting its wings and dress.

When I was done changing the background color, I started selecting the colors I wanted for her dress, hair, wings, ankle wear, and also the ribbon on her waist.



Thereafter, having finished with the flat painting and filling in the desired colors, I started highlighting some parts of her skin, working and focusing on the wings too. I added about three to four different layers just to work on the wings.

When I was partially done with the wings, I decided to make a blood splash beneath her abdomen and butt. I also made the splash on her back close to her wings. This is to signify the position of the injuries. I didn't have to work on different or many layers to achieve the splash since I just needed something flat and not too realistic



In these steps, I adjusted my tones and colors. I guess I didn't like the fact that she had a white dress on, it didn't look great to me so I later changed the color of her dress to match her ankle wear a bit and also changed the background color from purple to a much darker tone (black)

Finally, I focus more on the wings, making them appear a bit realistic. Adjusted the color of her hair by reducing its lousiness and brightness. And then I placed the chains around her wings region.

That is all for my work today. Is it possible for angels to be wounded and bruised in such a manner? Well, I wouldn't know, I just let my imagination run wild.
What do you think of my work? Thank you for stopping by my blog today.
See you guys around.

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            5 October 2022