Authored by @jpleron

This week's featured monster is one of the melee fighters from Water Splinters, the ninja turtle SPINEBACK TURTLE!!!

SPINEBACK TURTLE belongs to the Water splinter with THORNS ability at level 4. The THORNS ability is a good way to fight melee monsters as it returns 2 melee damage when taken a hit. Aside from the THORNS ability, SPINEBACK TURTLE has a good base armor and health suitable as tank specially for Low Mana cap rules.

Battle rules and strategy

In this battle, I deployed SPINEBACK TURTLE as secondary tank in case my primary tank, SEA MONSTER, gots taken down fast.

The rule set in this matched was NOXIOUS FUMES, mana cap of 20, and the playable Splinters were Fire, Water, Earth and Dragon.


With the release of new cards from Chaos Legion, there are two monsters with Cleanse ability which are included as free or playable monsters, Scavo Firebolt from Fire and River Nymph from Water.

I chose the Water splinter with the following line-up:

  • Summoner => Kelya Frendul with Lvl2 to allow higher level from monsters to be deployed
  • 1st => Sea Monster for high melee damage and heal.
  • 2nd => Spineback Turtle as secondary tank with high HP to survive longer from poison damage every round.
  • 3rd => River Nymph to cleanse the poison from our monster in the first position.
  • 4th => Furious Chicker in case our opponent have Sneak or Opportunity ability that may kill our River Nymph before using the Cleanse ability

Did my strategy works?

There are multiple ways to counter the poison from NOXIOUS FUMES ruleset.

  1. Immunity ability -> With this ability, you won't be affected by poison or any negative status effects.

    In this match, my opponent uses a monster with the Immunity ability and place it on the back. This ensures that the monster will survive initial attacks from enemy monsters, given there is no monster with Sneak ability.

  2. Cleanse ability -> With this ability, you can remove the poison status but only from the first position monster. In order for this to work, you need to place a hard tank with regen. You have to avoid having a monster with low HP because even though you remove the poison from this monster, it may die easily from opponents attacks.

  3. Heal ability -> With this ability, you can sustain the damage from the poison. The higher your monster's HP is, the higher the self heal. Heal is computed as 1/3 of max HP (rounded down).

  4. Monster with high HP and abilities like Scavenger, Life Leech, and Tank Heal as well to prolonged the match until one side succumbed to death.

    In this match, I use the Cleanse from River Nymph and Heal from Sea Monster. A level 1 Sea Monster only has 8 Max HP which means it can heal up to 2 HP per round, which is basically the same damage from poison. I use a level 2 Epic summoner which enables me to use a level 3 Sea Monster with 9 max HP (equivalent of 3 HP per heal)

Here is the link to my battle.

If you like to participate in this activity as well, you can check this link for more information.


That is very informative. Great tips on how to counter the poison rule.