Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge featuring Chaos Knight


Chaos Knights are most often found at the front line of the Chaos Legion's invading forces, although they are sometimes enlisted to defend garrisons, leadership, and other high-value assets. They are heavily armored and wield massive battle axes that are able to cut down even the mightiest of foes.

Chaos Knight is a melee attacker with a decent damage, armor and HP. An ideal tank against monsters with physical attack (melee and ranged) as it has a **Shield** ability at its initial level.

Chaos Knight is one of the newest monsters with Giant Killer ability. It allows Chaos Knight to deal double damage against monsters that cost 10 or more mana.

The third ability of Chaos Knight allows it to increase melee damage of all friendly monsters, including itself. This will be ideal whem you are using an all melee line-up with Sneak or Opportunity abilities. Or in a ruleset which allows melee monsters to attack on any position.

Stats & Abilities:


In Splinterlands, ruleset provides the condition of the battle. It is what makes the match challenging as you need to strategize based on the current rules of the match, the maximum mana capacity, and the allowed teams (or Splinter). All of this should be the basis of our strategy in choosing which cards to use.

Let's now explain the rules in this matched:

StampedeThe Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
Reverse SpeedMonsters with the lowest speed attack first and has the highest chance to of evading attacks.

When Stampede is in effect, it is best to used Monsters with Trample ability to gain advantage of this ruleset. To better understand it, when a monster with Trample ability killed the target monster, they will gain another turn to attack the next monster. Whether they kill ir ot not, their turn will already end. But with Stampede rule, as long as they are able to kill the target monster, they will continue to attack.

When Reverse Speed is in effect, it is best to deploy monsters will low speed. Normally, we want to use monsters with higher speed since it determines the order in which monsters will attack. Attacking order is very crucial in every battle. Another thing with Speed is when you are defending against attacks, the chance of evading opposing monster attack will depend on your speed difference. For every 1 speed difference, you gain 10% chance to evade attacks. Now with Reverse Speed rule, the mechanism in which attack order and evasion is determine will be reverse.


In Splinterlands, Splinters are basically the team or element in which the monsters belong to. You can only choose one Splinter in each battle. Although there are some exception to these. When you select a Dragon summoner, you can still choose another element to pair with it. So for example, you can use Dragon + Life, or Dragon + Fire.
Also, there are monsters that are considered Neutral. By default, Neutral monsters can be used in any Splinters, unless otherwise restricted by the ruleset.

  • Fire, Water, Life, Earth and Death


Check this link to watch the entire gameplay. I've also recorded a per round gameplay below.


Round 1

In round 1, we were able to eliminate enemy tank, Living Lava. But our team also lost 2 monsters at the backline.

Round 2

In round 2, we were able to eliminate 2 monsters on the enemy line-up while Chaos Knight manage to survive with the help from Venari Crystalsmith's heal.

Round 3

In round 3, we were able to eliminate again 2 monsters on the enemy line-up without casualty on our end

Round 4

In round 4, with only Cerberus left on enemy line-up, the damage from our line-up was too much for Cerberus to sustain.

General Sloan
Mana cap: 4
This summoner provides additional 1 ranged damage to all friendly monsters. This is ideal when you have a lot of ranged monsters to benefit from this buff
Chaos Knight
Mana cap: 6
At its initial level, it already has a Shield ability ideal when facing melee or ranged monsters. Chaos Knight also gains Giant Killer and Inspire at higher level which is good against monsters with high mana cap.
Hero of Beyond
Mana cap: 7
Ranged monster with Close Range ability. This monster can still attack even though it is on the first position. It has a high HP as well suitable as pseudo tank.
Pelacor Arbalest
Mana cap: 6
Ranged monster with Double Strike ability. This monster can attack twice each round.
Venari Crystalsmith
Mana cap: 4
A ranged attacking monster with Tank Heal ability. It helps our Chaos Knight to survive longer since it regens the damage received bt our tank.
Air Elemental
Mana cap: 5
It has high speed which is not ideal for this match due to reverse speed. But since it has a high HP, I opted to use this one as well.
Mana cap: 2
It has a low mana cap which fits the mana cap requirement for this match. At its level 3, it will gain a Cleanse ability as well
Did your strategy work?

We were able to overpower our opponent Tank. Both Chaos Knight and Living Lava has a SHIELD ability to reduced damage from melee or range damage. But since we focus on hitting their tanks as oppose to our enemy, were able to eliminate their tank and the monsters behind it.

I used a heavy ranged line-up as my weapon of choice to deal a lot of damage focusing on a single monster. With this lineup, General Sloan is the perfect Summoner to use.

What will you try differently next time?

I may replace Air Elemental with other ranged monsters with lower speed since we had the Reverse Speed rule in this match

Do you like the CHAOS KNIGHT? Why or why not?

Chaos Knight is one of the best addition to Life splinter. It has a SHIELD ability, which can reduced the melee or ranged damage to half. In higher league, Chaos Knight gains Giant Killer and Inspire. Giant Killer allows Chaos Knight to deal double the damage when it is attacking a monster with 10 or more mana. While Inspire will add additional melee damage to all friendly monsters including itself.

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