Ranking Chaos Legion Reward cards for bronze/silver: Part I

Hello and welcome back! In this new series I will be attempting to rank all the new reward cards for play in silver and bronze leagues, which is where I have all my experience. I will rank them - from worst to best - in categories based on their rarity, and based on my own experiences playing with them or against them. In this episode we start by taking a look at the 6 new common cards:

6th: Venari Heatsmith

While this card may become useful past lvl 5, when it gains the Amplify ability, I don't rate it very high for silver and bronze play. It is essentially a meatshield, and offers no offensive capabilities or utility to your team.

5th: Pelacor Deceiver

While I am not generally a fan of this card, and have lost very little against it, I still think it offers you more flexibility than the Heatsmith. It is decently fast, and can attack, although it's attack stat is hideous, even at lvl 5. But it's speed combined with the flying ability makes it a decent frontline option, though I find it hard to justify playing it over Haunted Spirit in bronze league.

4th: Pelacor Mercenary

This card feels very similar to the Deceiver in lower leagues, but it differs in two important ways. First it has a better attack stat both for bronze and silver play, and it is slightly beefier with 1 shield. The higher manacost makes it ideal in high mana rulesets, however just like with the Deceiver it is probably just better to play something like Unicorn Mustang in bronze.

3rd: Gargoya Lion

This card being a Neutral monster already grants it an advantage over the rest of the pack, as it will be available to you in most matches. It does have worse stats than both the Deceiver and the Mercenary, and the 2 armor from lvl 1 doesn't feel like it makes up for that loss. The thing that ultimately sets the Gargoya apart is the fact that it gains void at lvl 5. For silver league this makes it an excellent alround tank for your deck, as the combination of flying and void makes it versatile against multiple forms of attack.

2nd: Pelacor Bandit

Coming in at a close 2nd we have Pelacor Bandit. Had this been purely a bronze ranking, this card would have topped my list. The combination of both flying and sneak at lvl 1 combined with good base stats makes this card a must have for bronze in my opinion. It does gain an aditional point to its attack stat at lvl 4, but generally falls off a bit in silver.


And the prize for the overall best new common reward card goes to...
Pelacor Conjurer!

In bronze it is a decently fast meatshield with flying for 2 mana. This can be useful in a lot of matchups and rulesets, and it's low mana cost means it is a very flexible pick when designing your team. It is in silver leagues this card shines however, and this comes from the fact that it gains Magic Reflect at lvl 4. Combine that with 6hp for 2 mana, and you have an excellent frontline option, that again slots into a lot of different team comps.
It is easily comparable to Failed Summoner from the Earth Splinter, which cost 10x as much, and doesn't offer a second ability before gold leagues.

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next episode of this series, where I will be looking at the new rare reward cards! Let me know below if you disagree or have any additional comments on the playability of these cards in lower leagues. Or if you wanna share insight from leagues where these cards can be played to their full potential!

Thanks for coming to my Splintertalk.


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Good analysis. Both the Conjurer and the Bandit is being played in a lot of Bronze/Silver matches, while I barely see the other 4 cards in play.

I'll be guessing that, in your next post about Rare cards, the Venari Wavesmith will get the #1 spot. She's literally overpowered, at least in the lower ranks.