Return on investment after 2 months playing Splinterlands

Hiya all, welcome back. Today I will be sharing with you the financial results I have achieved by playing Splinterlands so far. It has been about 2 months since i started playing, and at that time i put around 35 dollars into the game. I managed to grow this to around 50$ by making some good trades and getting daily rewards, and then after about a month I decided to invest another 150$ into the game. This means my total financial commitment is 185$.

Now let's look at the current assets of the account.



Since I invested into the game via credits, most of my assets are in cards at the momment. But as you can see, the value of my collection has considerably increased since I began, now being worth 264$ at market prices. Furthermore I make about 10 DEC a day on average by renting, although this doesn't offset my own renting expenses.


Next up let's look at SPS:


Alhough nowhere near the amount needed to secure any vouchers for the CL presale, I have still accumulated a decent amount of SPS already. A total of 20$ in SPS which I didn't do anything for. Nice.


Additionally I have around 4800 DEC worth ~50$ as well as 15 Hive worth ~15$. These I have accumulated by renting to silver for a profit (made possible by the fact that I own half the power needed for silver 3 already), as well as selling some cards and converting some DEC to Hive.


To sum up, these are the present dollar values of my Splinterlands assets:
Cards: 264$
SPS: 20$
DEC: 50$
Hive: 15$
Total: 349$

A very good result. Almost doubling the value of my account in such a short time was never something I anticipated. While a good portion of this increase might be due to a (temporary) spike in the value of DEC, I am generally very bullish on this game, and I hope we all have a bright future ahead.

That's all I have for now, thanks for coming to my Splintertalk.



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