Who am I. My Splinterlands journey, goals and strategy regarding financials

Welcome to my Splintertalk

Today I am going to introduce myself, my overall strategy and some of the results I've achieved so far.

Outside of Splinterlands I study Economics at University of Copenhagen, curently engaged in writing a thesis on the long term evolution of the velocity of money. I also do some freelance work copywriting and translating for different clients. When I feel inclined to escape the monotony and rutine of everyday life, I enjoy a fishing trip in a secluded part of the country side, playing Elder Dragon Highlander (MTG) with my friends or simply cooking a meal for someone I care about.

I have been following the crypto space since 2015, but didn't spend much time on it in recent years. In August I discovered the play-to-earn trend, and obsessively researched every game I could find, in an attempt to find the project I believed enough in to invest my time and money in. Before long i stumbled upon Splinterlands, and instantly I was aware that my search was over. Combining collectible card game mechanichs, a auto-battle format and blockchain technology, my interest was captured from the first match.

The first month I depleted my ECR to miserable levels because I couldn't stop playing. However, it taught me lots about the mechanics and meta of the game, allowing me to make some great trades on PeakMonsters and advance my portfolio of cards. I decided to invest about 150 usd in the game, and the second month of play my rental expenses where considarably lower. One lucky daily reward gave me a gold Twillight Basilisk as well as a gold Perlacor Deceiver from 2 chest - 10$ worth of cards!

At this point I started preparing for the CL vouchers to be dropped. I was making about 0,4 SPS per day from airdrops, and was nowhere near the ~100 SPS needed for 1 voucher over the entire presale. I decided to sell some cards, as their DEC value relative to their power was super high, meaning I could increase my SPS airdrop by liquidating them. At this moment I have about 8000 power, down 1000 from when it was at its highest. In return I have 5000 DEC, which in terms of airdrop value is 1-1 to power rating. That means I essentialle 5x my airdrops from the pool of cards that I sold.


This means that i now make just below 2 SPS a day. While this represents a great improvement, my short term goal is 5 times that amount: 10 SPS a day. While I didn't anticipate making 1$ a day just on airdrops when I first started, I still see the potential for improvements, and I hope I can reach this goal before CL drops. One of the ways I use to achieve this is to reinvest my SPS rewards into gold foil cards - specifically the new reward cards which are outragously cheap at the moment. This will increase my power rating as well as my DEC earnings from rentals, hopefully bolstering my SPS airdrops over time.

My longer term goals in terms of finance in Splinterlands include building a stable income from rentals, making it to the gold league and increasing my daily reward chests and owning a land plot. Hopefully I can achieve these goals one day.

That is all for now, thank you for coming to my Splintertalk.



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