Get the most out of your Airdrops


One of the most common questions I seem to get is how to make the most out of your Airdrops.

Along with that question is whether to sell common or rare cards or just keep them.

Well my take on that is DEPENDS. It all really depends on your goal. Is your goal to climb the ranks or is your goal to maximize Airdrops.

Here's my take on that... For most common cards that do not seem to fit the meta, I would sell them. They are worth more as DEC than as collection power. Since the aidrop value of dec and of collection power are both 1:1 you will get more bang for the buck when the card is sold.

airdrop chart.PNG

Take the Pelacor Mercenary as an example:


The card itself is worth 5 collection power as you can see on the farthest right corner. Now if you sell it at its estimated value which is 18 cents you will get 18 DEC. Based on prices. Thats 18 cents each which means +32 points for your Airdrop instead of only 10. Now again let me emphasize this is for non-meta cards or cards that you barely use.

coin geck.PNG

So to sum it all up..sell those commons or unuseable rares. it'll up your Airdrop rate and they barely make a dent anyway in terms of collection power.