The Day You Become A Better Writer

Authored by @Zero Olvidon


Just reading this Scott Adam blog post from 2007 will make you a better writer.

If you don't have the time to open it, here you go:

  1. Keep it simple. Simple means getting rid of extra words.
  2. Your first sentence needs to grab the reader.
  3. Write short sentences.
  4. Learn how brains organize ideas.

Really, it's that simple. If you want to become 80% better as a writer, then read the rest.

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Find a writer you like and read them.

And if you can't find a writer you like, become that writer.

In the early days of the internet, the dream was to find the weirdos who liked the same stuff as you. And then the commercialization of the web changed the goal from collecting all the people who share your opinion to collecting all the people, period, so they could be shown behaviorally targeted ads.

You can still write and some people will appreciate your thought. Some won't. Here's a reminder that it takes a thick skin to write in public.

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Readers who want to read what you want to write are a gift.

...and having to read what you don't like is a curse. Each day the average Internet user now sees as many as 490,000 words. Does reading all those words make any difference in our lives at all?

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