NFT Morphism - Pelacor, a Decent Card I Appreciate


Hi all,


I was just reading about in @aggroed article and I have to say that I am simply amazed of the new developments and improvements we get in Hive.

Here, feel free to check it out.

From a dev sky, where I bet our voice has no echo, back to the game within the game in a life within a dream. :))

Just got this today and I was surprised to discover one more Pelacor, the Bandit. And I'm frequently using this one, even if it doesn't have a lot of Mele, it does have some good speed and the sneak ability plus some chances to avoid some hits!

Here's the complete collection of Pelacor that I currently hold:

The latest

Pelacor Conjurer, that I have rented for a while since I'm not really using it:


Pelacor Deceiver that I liked to use before the new Chaos Legion with the new cards came:

I still think it's a very useful card in some situations. For now, it's all rented.

Pelacor Arbalest
Yes, this one was delegated to me by a wonderful lady. I like it because it can hit...both sides :P unfortunatelly, its life sux.

And now: Pelacor Mercenary!

I find this one so innocent and it really helped me a few times win some games. It's on the market for rent but, overall, a good asset for Earth.

I hope you like my collection and I look forward to discovering more of them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Zpek aka Mike

PS: Want to read an interesting Chaos Legion story? Check out the Uriel the Purifier story here! ~offered by @splinterlands