5. New Loot New Look

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Did you see it?

I've been playing a day long and finally found this new thing while battling and rumbling few minutes ago😆 wooow.. this is so cool!

I got the water quest again and with that untamed, legendaries and supportive rulesets, I can complete the mission within minutes.

I love this new Loot so much

No cards but all chests and I can't guess what's inside it, it's tempting!

Yaaayyy! My second golden vulture in 5 days

Hahaha.. I laugh out so loud (glad that I'm all alone tonight)🙃 I wasn't notice the difference because I just did it like automatic whilst reading webtoons on other gadget😜 and this time the new loots really distracted me from my cartoons.

I love it.. I love this game, I love everything they change in this game.


I love the changes too! I'm happy with my recent loots too! Congrats on your gold cards, I like them gold card too!

Thank you... That's my second gold cards this season

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