8. Touch Down!

in #battle10 months ago

Last rewards of the season🍑

Hi.. Hello 🥠🥠🥠

16 hours before this amazing season ends, I finally unlocked the Gold 1, without much trouble too.

this is a fair game when your opponent is not out-level 😉

Few careless act on monster position take me down about 49 points

Ended up on 2498 and claims such a nice rewards won't stops me from renew my rating record 🤩🤩

Touch Down!

With few non-human players around at this time, I took advantage of it successfully 🤣 I don't know when will I ever renew my record again, but I think if the situation always like this season (which impossible to have), all new players with decent cards will enjoy the game so much.

I haven't breaking the winning streak record yet, with only 1355 battles, I still have time

I need to wait for the exciting moment on revealing the 30 loots with potions🍀🍀🍀 it's gonna be my first experience and I don't expect something like gold foil legendary, cool if I get one though 😂 im curious about everything🍄

Good Luck on climbing the leader board and enjoy your season reward revealing moment😘


Go to sleep, cicisaja
We will have a long and tiring adventure tomorrow 😂

Hehehe... I'm sorry for fainted before we can get to the top