Battle Squad POP UP DRAW!!

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Let's do this!

Tier 1 Pop Up Draw [Eligibility: 1k BATTLE Staked]

Draw Rewards -->

1 x Dragonling Bowman, 1 x Delwyn Dragonscale, 3 x 25 BATTLE

Splinterlands card prizes courtesy of @rentmoney, be sure to check out his awesome content and contests here.

Congrats! Our 3 lucky winners are:

place #1: @maxer27 --> 1 x Dragonling Bowman, 25 BATTLE
place #2: --> 1 x Delwyn Dragonscale, 25 BATTLE
place #3: @stokjockey --> 25 BATTLE


Rewards are on their way!

Tier 1+ Accounts:
Account --l-- Stake

Thanks for supporting our BattleGames blockchain gaming community!

See you on the field. I Discord I Steempeak I Battle Squad I DEX


Greetings, @battlegames

Very, very nice

I will reach this tokens staked too!!!!!!
thank you and have a nice dayt

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Pop up draws FTW !

Get those BATTLE staked everyone :)

Congrats to the winners !

#spt #battle #palnet #sct

waiting to hit my first payout, and then I can start the staking/upvoting game


Awesome, I just got my first Battle Claim today.

#battle #spt #sct #palnet

Me too! Do you know how to view where the token came from i.e. what post?

I don't think its possible yet.

Congratulations to winners!

Congrats to all he winners, woot!! Glad to see the lisk of the Staked accounts, thanks @battlegames ! 👍😎👹