Let's laughalittle2day 🤸

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Of course this is not my first time kinda rewards

Hi Everyone 🤹

Just completed today's quest without too much effort on Gold 2. It's the death quest again😁 3 days in a row and I don't mind it at all, because my dragon summoner is in halt time. The delegator changed lvl 3 Daria with lvl 4 just to adjust it with my silver deck.

Death quest is always welcome on my deck😉

I have enough monsters to handle the death as long as it's not the melee mayhem or up close and personal 😁 I'm bad on that rulesets using the death splinter because my opponents usually have a skeleton Assassin with poison🙈

Do you know this fruit?

I went out to get this fruit from a street fruit's seller after my hubby told me about it yesterday. Eating this tart cherry while playing the Monster is perfect 😁 this is bignay in Philippines, Buni/huni/wuni in Indonesia or Malabar cherry. Its scientific name is Antidesma Bunius L

I will make syrup and jam with it later, when I'm done playing all decks and move the fun moment to the kitchen 😊

When you got that kind of rewards, don't get mad .. it's just part of the game, just giggle or laugh a little then continue your activities. Maybe you'll get better rewards tomorrow 🍀🍀🍀🍀


No luck today, I guess

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