#47. Week 10 - The season is coming to an end, so start taking some screen shots to WIN SBI and Splinterlands cards

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In this contest I am wanting to see the moments you're most proud of this season. I will also offer a Bonus share of SBI for whoever shows me the longest win streak of the season!

I will select the winners and the number of cards or amount of SBI to be awarded based on your screenshots. But we will have at least 2 winners!

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As a proud member of Contest Kings, all of these giveaways require

  • No Upvote
  • No Resteem
  • No Follow

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To enter all you have to do is:

  • Pick the prizes you would like
  • Write your Splinterlands name or an account you want the cards sent to
    (it can be a friend)
  • Tag a mate who might want to win some cards
    (example below)
  • Include at least one screenshot from this season

"Your personal best for this current season"

Lucky 13.png

Solid sprint to Diamond.png

My last day Diamond push (this is actually from last season)

Prizes to choose from

  • Exploding Dwarf
  • Sea Genie
  • Sea Monster
  • Wood Nymph
  • Silvershield Archers
  • Vampire
  • Undead Minotaur
  • Steem Basic Income
    CK page break.png

Example of a valid entry

@philippekiene tagging @mumma-monza

  • Steem Basic Income
  • Vampire
  • Steem Basic Income
  • Steem Basic Income
  • Sea Monster


Sometimes, playing these capped battles makes me wish I could compete in the bigger leagues

You might get one, or you might get all five.... let's see what you've got

CK page break.png

The winners will be announced after post payout

It's that simple!

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There are more competitions that you can still enter for this week too

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Everyone could be a winner! In this contest, a Splinterlands monster of your choice or a share of Steem Basic Income could be yours... all you have to do is make me laugh. Everyone loves having a laugh, now you can get rewarded for making others laugh along with you.

Click here to enter

Up to 10 Steem Basic Income to giveaway, or Splinterlands cards if you'd prefer. We've all had moments in our life where you wish you could go back in time and undo that one little slip-up. In this post, you can get rewarded for life's awkward or embarrassing moments

Click here to enter

In this contest I will give away one rare Splinterlands card of your choice or 2 shares of Steem Basic Income. Random facts can be quite bizarre. While they might not be of much use except bar quizzes... They are often interesting or amusing

Click here to enter

There is a new game coming to the Steem blockchain, another way for you to start earning crypto from playing games. Use my referral link to get a bonus share of SBI.. but be quick this is a limited offer

Click here to enter


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didn't played from a while so there is my entry
and i would like to have a SBI share if i won.

Tagging @cadawg

@blog-beginner tagging @kusalbang93

Here is my win streak of 13. One of my longest win streaks of all time. All thanks to @clove71 for the amazing cards she gave. My water splinter is super amazing now.

I would like a sea monster.

Another win streak of 12. Just reached Gold on the last day yet again. Yuppieeee

@mmunited is tagging @aggamun.

Sea Monster


@aggamun is tagging @nayhlaingsoe

SBI share

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