Blockchain Games to Look For in 2020

2019 for Blockchain Games was a very interesting year, it showed the power of certain blockchains to produce legit games. Here on Steem we all know the success of Splinterlands and what that game did for everyone playing, it provides real world value every day with tournaments, reward cards, trading, card renting, you name it. Gods Unchained raised the most money and is looking quite decent considering this is all very early on. Next Colony is looking better every month. Things are moving along, all that couldn't be done without the vision of early developers looking to make some good blockchain games. 2020 is knocking on our door and it will be interesting to see what kind of blockchain games we will be playing soon. Here is my quick overview of promising Blockchain Games in 2020:



Dissolution is a FPS with blockchain items on Enjin. This game already looks good considering it is a blockchain game, it can be played on Steam and is in very early access with only few maps to play in. The most interesting part about this game is the universe you can play in, you can fly in your own space ships and explore the galaxy. Once this game is completed it will be like a small scale Star Citizen on blockchain. Seems interesting to me.

The Six Dragons


The Six Dragons is another Enjin game that is releasing it's alpha version very soon, it is a fantasy RPG where you can explore 64 square miles of terrain. It has a lot of NFT items you can trade on Enjin Marketplace and you can enchant those items to be truly unique and valuable. It has three classes, Warrior, Mage and Cleric with more than 40 abilities you can freely combine. This game reminds me of early Elder Scrolls games, something you should pay attention to.

Age of Rust


Age of Rust is a sci-fi game that as their developers are saying will be something truly unique, an adventure game that tells an interesting story. The graphics in the early builds look very nice and should probably look the same when the game launches.

Space Misfits


Space Misfits is a space combat game on Enjin. I already played some of the early access, and I can honestly say that this game is very fun to play. Quick and fluid space combat combined with awesome synthwave soundtrack and blockchain items. Space Misfits will be one of those games that will surprise you how good it feels to play it.



Pathfinders is a quick action game where you play from isometric perspective and shoot your way through the levels with all sorts of deadly blockchain arsenal. This game will be fun for short bursts when you need to relax from endless altcoin dumps.

Blue Dawn


Blue Dawn is an EOS based game from Itam Store. It is a Korean Style of RPG made for smartphones, but this one is completely build for blockchain trading.

Dungeon Princess


Dungeon Princess is another mobile game from EOS Itam Store. It is a quick combat Korean style RPG with blockchain items. It is slightly less advanced than Blue Dawn, but it could provide quick smartphone fun with NFT trading.

Hash Rush


Hash Rush is a RTS game you can already test and play. In 2020 you can expect a more refined product which is very promising considering right now it looks quite good.

If you like these types of articles you can expect a lot more inside Blockchain Gaming Community here


Wow....I want to play the six dragons.....great post man, started following you also.

It is one of my favorites too. Tnx for the follow.

Looks like I have a few more games to check out on Enjin. Love the fact we are starting to see some RPGs.

Enjin is not kidding, you can start to see many gaming genres there not seen in crypto before.

great and very valuable post. To be honest I was all the time thinking that blockchain games will looks like drugwars or steem monsters for a long time, and you really surprise me with those screens and information.
Interesting fact is that ENJ is very active. I've bought some ENJ in Q1 2018 and sold it in Q1 2019, because I didn't see any reasons to keep holding it and the price was very attractive then. Now I see how advanced they are and re-thinking this investment again

Huge games are coming soon !

Oh there will be trouble in the air once some of these games launch. They will catch many people by surprise.

this new generation of games and other miscellaneous use cases are going to drag a lot of new people and their attention on blockchain technology. I see a possible correlations between enjin and steemit here -> gaming platform needs a platform for community.

Hence one of the reasons why I created blockchain gaming community. It could become a hub for everyone interested in blockchain gaming. Also it is very easy to join, they just need to create a Steem account and they are golden.

Some of these look really interesting! I might have to check them out!

It will be interesting to see how many of these games will actually turn out good.

Age of Rust looks really appealing.

It sure does. The best looking crypto game by far.

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hi @moon32walker, ... I'm going to look into Dissolution, .. FPS is my kind of game, .. but looking forward to some others that you've mentioned here, ... thanks.

I recently Installed Dissolution, it only has few game modes and nobody is playing. Game is still very very early in development.

Nice round-up. Would have been even nicer with sources and links though.

Well, nothing is out still. Google, twitter and youtube for snippets of information is what you get. I rarely check their web pages.

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I need to explore the economy of Enjin and the NFT economy.

It is certainly the best gaming coin in the whole blockchain space.

I’m playing to Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. Could you give me an advice about best game on EOS blockchain?

If you don't have at least 30EOS staked on some wallet (120$) atm it is not worth to even try playing something serious. But in terms of what is fun to play I would say Crypto Legends and this new one Dungeon Princess Infinity.

Thanks for reply and thanks for advice. I haven't tried EOS blockchain yet, but I would like to use it.