Blockchain games are all the rage it seems

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It's safe to say Blockchain technology is here to stay.

I've been trying the last few weeks to see what else is out there on the STEEM blockchain besides blogging. Much love to STEEMPEAK and STEEMIT but I just wanted to see what else is out there. I know DTube, I know APPICS but you know, what else? Recently I've been hearing about how Blockchain games are the new wave. People think they’re the future of crypto, specifically STEEM. So I found what I think is the most popular game in SteemMonsters!

I’ve been playing Splinterlands on and off for the last two weeks to mix results. It’s a fun strategy card game that reminds me of Pokemon and Yugioh, which I was a huge fan of as a kid. Splinterlands really brings me back to those days and I appreciate the creators for making such an immersive game. Splinterlands presents numerous challenges every time I play, keeping me on my toes and the game fresh. I just think I've grown a little out of the card game community. I'm still going to be playing but probably not as often as I originally intended. * Sings OG Pokemon Theme Song *

So in my continued effort to explore the blockchain games I landed on LuckyGamesIO. And I stayed for quite some time. It was so much fun. So much fun I’m never playing again. Gambling is addictive and that’s a fact. I tried LG tonight, started out with a buck, then 5, then another 5, then said fuck it and threw in all my STEEM (does this count as burning haha) into the game and as you can guess I lost all of it. Took about two hours.

Why did I do it? I know the answer. I was trying to get rich quick and the blockchain has taught that is impossible. The thought of "damn I’m lazy and really thought this idea could work" entered my mind, and I don’t disagree. Expecting to master a totally new gambling/gaming system overnight is cuckoo. But with Steem entering crypto winter, a few shitheads downvoting, and my finances not even close to where I want, or need, them to be I figured I’d give online gambling a shot with some of the moneys made from blogging on Steem. And I learned my lesson. And that lesson is I’m not good at gambling. Plain and simple. Never again. I’m HODLing till I can’t anymore, powering up, and delegating until I can’t anymore. I’m sticking with creating content and upvoting. To those of you that have had success with LuckyGames, I wish I knew your secrets, had your patience, and timing. I just know right now I don’t have it in me to beat the system. So am I sad I lost 30STEEM? Nope. Not even a little bit. It's nothing in the grand scheme of thing. I am upset that my master plan of winning millions overnight on a blockchain game was undermined by some damn good coding.

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