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I really didn't plan on playing Steem Monters this morning.

I was going to wait around at the house for the basement workers to show up (read my other posts if you are curious) and then be on my way to the annual conference for one of the associations I am a member of.

Needless to say, the workers didn't show up and given the current state of our basement, I wasn't feeling really comfortable going out of town anyway.

So I drove into work instead and got ready for a quiet day in the office. Students don't have school today and all of the teachers are at an off site professional development, so it is very peaceful here.

I logged into Steem Monsters with my wife's account and discovered that neither of the daily quests are do-able for her because she is only focused on the Water and Earth splinters.

My account focuses on Death, Life, and Fire splinters, so I was readily willing to accept the fire quest that was presented to me. Little did I know it was going to end up being an hour long struggle trying to get the five wins I needed.

I played seventeen matches starting at 1753 and ending at 1757. How horrible is that! Every time I feel like Fire is my strongest splinter it seems I get my butt handed to me.

I am going to be honest, I have had a lot of frustration building up lately over many of the real life things that are going on. There was one or two losses that I found myself pounding on my desk and shouting at my computer screens.


As some sort of cosmic apology, I was gifted with these cards when I finally got my five wins. I feel like the black dragon is the most handed out reward legendary. Am I wrong in thinking that?

A Sacred Unicorn, Lord Arianthus, or Ruler of the Seas would have been nice, but I am not complaining. Hopefully one day my Black Dragon will be worth more than the $1.80 he is currently selling for.

Speaking of cards selling, I am really excited about the possibility of the kickstarter campaign and the new cards that are going to be release. I took part in the kickstarter before and it ended up being a great move. I will admit, I sold a lot of the exclusive cards, but I think I probably made a 300% profit on them.

I have a feeling this time there are going to be a lot more people taking advantage of the kickstarter. Steem Monsters has a bigger reach now and there are probably quite a few people who are kicking themselves (pun intended) for missing out on the first kickstarter.

I have been checking the Steem Monsters blog page daily so that I don't miss the chance to get some exclusive new cards. Even though I am staring down some significant home care expenses, I still plan on keeping some money aside for the big kickstarter announcement.

How about you? Are you going to participate?


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I have quit Steemmonster a while ago.... the progress wasn't that good for me and I didn;t had the time anymore :)

I totally understand that. It can be a real chore sometimes. There are times when it really starts to feel like work and that is when I just step away for a day or two!

What happens during a kickstarter? I missed it all last time.

There are usually different funding levels. So like last time I picked the $50 funding level and with that I got some of the promo cards, some free packs, and a free account. I think I sold two of the promo cards for close to $250 or $300 combined and powered it all up. It wasn't that much back then because the price of Steem was higher.

Woo cool, I'll watch out for these.

First I heard of the Kickstarter campaign coming up but i will pass on it, trying to complete the quests each day was just starting to take to long and i can only do it in the evenings while also trying too prepare photos and posts and other things around the house so I hve pretty mush given up on the game


You should look into Herons. You can just delegate away all of your cards and let someone else play it. Then you split the DEC's that they earn either 50/50 or whatever you agree on. That way your cards don't just sit there but you also don't have to babysit it all the time.

Thanks for the info i will look into that but i have sold off a few and will decide what to do with the rest

I didn't play this game at all, even though I was given 5 cards for free quite a while ago.

It would be hard to get started now without investing some money. It is really fun and it can be quite lucrative if you get the right cards.

Yeah, well I think I just got the normal cards after I check with those who play, so I just leave it as it is.

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Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


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I know that feeling with not planning on playing and then wham, an hour has gone by! Yes, also know that WTH feeling too when you know your cards should have won, lol.

The black dragon is a nice reward card and I would take it any day over the common reward cards I typically get. I'm sure everyone has those common days too.

Best of luck with getting the kickstarter when it's announced!

Yes, I see my fair share of common cards! The struggle is real isn't it?

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