Splinterlands Sunday!: Additional Untamed Kickstarter Items Received!

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Despite one Season after having the Untamed card release, new updates continue to rollout as the development team continues to deliver on their Kickstarter promises. This is great to see as it continues to demonstrate their credibility and focus on providing the community with a fresh and evolving ecosystem. The game continues to transform as new players and new strategies become of our everyday battles! I continue to learn about the new cards and look for ways to climb the leaderboards and continue to accumulate Reward Edition cards for my Collection!

Orbs KS.png

The Collection continues to grow as the items from the Kickstarter continue to be sent to those of us that participated. Some were related to older cards like the Orbs that were provided for achieving the stretch goals of the Kickstarter. This was great for me as I still needed (and need) a number of these cards to make some teams somewhat stronger. However, I have also saved some unopened Orbs for the future as they have now gotten below 100k left to be sold. I may need to make the decision of to open more or buy the cards pretty soon as prices continue to rise.

Chain Golem KS.png

The first new card released from the Kickstarter campaign was the exclusive Legendary Neutral Monster, Chain Golem. It is the only way to get them so it will be interesting to see how common they become in battles and collections although I think that many learned from the prior Kickstarter exclusives and loaded up on many extras to speculate on in the future. I did not do that so I immediately set my regular card to maximum level. For the Gold Foils, I actually did not combine them to max level as that may be a source to fund my Collection in the future. I delegated one to my second account and am holding on to the rest.

Airdrop 1.png

Then came the first airdrop which brought the Diamond Dragon. I was pretty lucky as I soon learned as I was able to get 12 dropped to my Collection which allowed me to get a fully leveled card for my Collection. This has been a subject of discussion as it is truly random and some users were not very happy with the results. Having gotten 2,700 Untamed packs, I was confident that I would get a good amount from the airdrops now and in the future. However, I am still uncertain how it actually works as the second airdrop came with the Gloridax Guardian and I only got 5! That has not been enough to even get to level 3 for the Legendary card! I guess I will have some trading and buying to do once the price settles down which many have already.

Airdrop 2.png

It has certainly been fun with all the new cards and given the improved functionality over at @peakmonsters, it has been much easier to manage and monitor our Collections. One thing I have done is to see how the value of my Collection of Untamed relates to the amount I pledge. Having in mind that the physical goods are not included (and are very much a part of the reason I went big on my pledge), the value is really not that bad. if I add the value of the 400 unopened packs (at $2 a piece) to the listed prices, I am right at my pledge. We still have more airdrops including the new Legendary Summoners which I am happy to say my daughter help me design with the great team at @splinterlands! I am sure that the pledge will payoff in just the digital assets alone with the physical items being a bonus! However, we all benefit given the experience we are having with the expanded game and community!

Untamed Value.png

This only leaves the Started Pack Code received as the only item that I have yet to utilize. Considering how the game is growing and how many new users are being attracted to it, I have been thinking about how to best use it. Sure, I can try to sell it to improve my Collection but I think the best way to get value from it is giving it to someone that will add to the community and play over time. Therefore, I am working on some type of contest to see who I can give it to. I may also add some other aspects to the contest and maybe put some of my unopened packs to work for the community so keep up to the date every Sunday for the opportunity soon!

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I wasn't sure about all of the new cards at first as you don't want your collection expanding too much but i suppose in the future people wont be trying to have every card in the game but build specific decks that they like. I've warmed up to a few of the new ones and started buying a few of those. You must have a serious collection after opening so many packs and the airdrops as well.

If mobile lands after xmas i'm really excited to see the next step for the team.

I like the flexibility of many cards even though it also leads to making tough decisions. Not sure how the future will go for me but it will become increasingly difficult to really always have all the cards I believe so I cam trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

congrats on the airdrops and your growing collection.


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