Participated in the Seemmonsters Kickstarter!

in #busy2 years ago

Yeah basically the title :P
This is my second time doing the kickstarter for Steem monsters.
I may of stopped buying most cryptos(still buying Bitcoin :P ) but Kickstarter and Steemmonsters great success is the reason why I i joined the Kickstarter.
What tier did I join-the $35. Yeah ain't much but hey just doing my part.
You also have to pay $10 for shipping ya know for the shirt :P
I think it was a great deal and hey I get a tshirt with it :)
I'll be honest here I don't know what all the bonuses mean but I think more stuff for me? lmao
I wished I did have time to play Steemmonsters but school is been a mean in the $@s for me.
But hey I did like collecting the cards.
So just a question if any cards? Is the pysical card still only for those high $1000+ pairs or does the quest goals allow for lower tiers to get those cards?
Anyway great use of my money :P


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