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Christmas Decorations, it’s officially Christmas when the tree is done...

Since the tree had to get shipped from the mainland, and installed and looks nice I figured I should post it. lol I wonder if it was "only" like $50 or if it was more like $100. lol

Apparently Steem Monsters cards are sold out.
Free Beta Cards Inside

I guess if you have any good posts you want to share you can post them in the comment section.

Sunday 12-15



Nice tree, but most of the time I interested in the presents underneat it 😀

Just to add some clarification: Alpha and Beta Edition boosters are no longer available from the official site. A new edition of cards/boosters have recently been introduced called UNTAMED.

There is some holding Alpha and Beta Boosters for resale value and some of those can be purchased on Steem-Engine.

Alpha Edition had 300,000 Boosters total
Beta Edition had 900.000 Boosters total
UNTAMED has 1.5 Million Boosters total

Boosters have a face value of $2 each and contain 5 cards.

Edit: I almost forgot to say, Nice Christmas Tree.

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