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RE: Coronavirus: The "Cures" Will Be Worse Than the Disease

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Hello James!
Yea, I completely agree with you! You just read my mind and composed my though into one nice topic...!
I was get all this mind when it is begins ... I was trying to speak with other people, but not many understand me, and I notice that they after look at me like I'm crazy freak.. :D , anyway I don't mind and now I found your post!!! Thanks!

Whatever is, from where it's came and how, now is no matter... how we deal with it that is the matter!

In my point of view it is looks like new way of global war situation, with all benefits to the gov., like controlling of people, modification of internet and security systems, reduction of population and financial profits from panic, and it can be more worst than traditional war in final...

This year will change many things in ours lives..., but let see, maybe we all make big mistake with ours suggestion... I hope :)