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Looking out for the unsuspecting birds.



Camera ~ Lens

Nikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm



Prompt / Theme: What're you thoughts on this Splinterlands teaser from Aggroed?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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I say ok..
I mean i just didn't liked the color theme. that's it.
also as what @gillianpearce said..

it's really ridiculous.
by the way thanks for giving me a chance..

The Green a bit dark or?

Maybe there'll be an undying death splinter card aswell 😅

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I know nothing about it. I have never played the game.

😅 The highlight really is the contrast between the current card art and this. The change looks promising.

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It doesn't look too good for those of us without Renyns. Green is already ridiculously strong in my opinion. The last thing it needs is an undying card. 😢

I assume there are just as many good other splinter cards coming around 🤞

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I'm looking forward to all the new cards. New art. New stats. New strategies...


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First time I saw it. Like the art part!

Same 👍

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I like the new background design. Makes me interested to see what else is up their sleeve.

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Congrats on winning. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍

Yeah, I think it's promising also 👍

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New cards and I guess this means new art, it doesn't look consistent but that might be a good thing to distinguish value and preferences in future for collectors.

Congrats on winning. Thanks to everyone who entered 👍

I'm hoping that if they do have a new addition each year that they'll be reasonably different backgrounds styles. Going to be hard to maintain a deck with most cards though, due to accumulating price..

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The artwork looks like its getting better and the bright color is nice. If they do a printed card they should make some glow in the dark variants.

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Glow in the dark sounds cool. Maybe they'll have animated cards in the future..

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