Sri Lanka fans celebrate Kane Williamson birthday

in #cricketlast year

Kane Williamson is not popular in his country but also popular throughout the world. He is very down to earth person because in the Indian premier league of season 12 he remained out from the playing due to fitness issue and given the opportunity to Bhuvneshwar Kumar to do captaincy and given chance to Manish Pandey to play at 4th position in the team.

In the war match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka fans celebrate the birthday of Kane Williamson by cutting the cake and take some photographs. Moreover, Kane Williamson was so happy that her teammates have not cut the cake but the Sri Lanka fans have cut the cake for him. Kane Williamson turned to 29 and get a surprise celebration from Sri Lanka fans.

In the warm match Sri Lanka fans brought a cake as to celebrate the birthday of Kane Williamson and so In the break between two overs, Kane Williamson runs towards the Sri Lanka fans and cut down the cake and enjoyed the moment. Apart from that, security and ground staff surrounded the place to give Security for Kane Williamson.

Looking at the gesture of Kane Williamson, Sri Lanka fans start roaring and Applauded him. 29 years old and Williamson is very calm batsman as he never looks speed. After losing the final against England, and Williamson does not have so much angry on his face. When the team struggled in the batting then he remains on the crease for a long time like a one-man army.

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