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RE: Crypto Gaming State of Affairs

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So much of the development work has already been done, particularly here.
The next guy won't have to invent keychain, or code steem-engine; it's all been taken care of.
How many devs are going to thoroughly investigate and choose to build here?


Steem blockchain is probably the best blockchain to build games on I agree. There are however better incentives on other blockchains to do so, Tron and Enjin are giving actual money for developers to come and develop games on their chains. We are dirt poor at the moment to pay any dev to do anything. SPS maybe. It would be great if there are enlightened devs out there who explore blockhains, but like I said, if they are getting paid to do the work there without even releasing games, it is definitely a higher chance they will go there.

Not sure what that says about the quality of games they're going to produce though ;)

Well they will have to deliver something. There are some promising ones like Age of Rust.

No offence, but I can tell from this comment that you are not a tech. STEEM needs to implement native smart contracts if it wants to be the best blockchain to build games on.

What STEEM has is a good network effect and a strong DApp ( to use for promotion of any new game. Under the covers though it gets blown away by the newer DPoS chains which are faster and more powerful. Even Ethereum is better technically (albeit more expensive).

I should of said Steem is among best ones. Could be the best one, it certainly is better than Ethereum, smart contracts or not.