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Disclamer: This is not financial advice, what you choose to do you do at your own risk.

The CTP Swarm Booster or CTPSB for short.
Why did I choose to put so much into it?
Well I am not a whale, not an orca not even a dolphin.
I am just a tiny little minnow.

I could have chosen to power up my own account over time and gotten half way to dolphin,
so why didn’t I.

Well I am no expert at this blockchain thing. I have been here for 2 months,
so I don’t know much.
But I powered up my hive to 500 a month ago and now I am at 517 as of writing this post.
Could I have had some more, yes I wasted some on potions at Splinterlands.
I think I bought 40 or maybe more but did not get any legendary cards for it.
But it wouldn’t have been a whole lot more I would have gotten.

And yes I play Splinterlands because it gives an ok income at higher levels.
I have only reached Silver III last round so I don’t know about the higher levels.

The Swarm Booster account will grow much faster than my own account would have,
even with the same amount of investment.
Because I would only have been able to rely on the exact amount that I put in and the rewards would have been according to it.
And relying on my own writing of posts.

But putting that investment into the Swarm Booster gives me the leverage of all the other investors and delegators, and the account will be much bigger. so the curation rewards will also be bigger.
And I will be able to get bigger upvotes on my posts from it.

Also you have the fact that we will be getting a whole new token, the CTPSB token.
It will grow as the account authors and curates posts.
And for anyone knowing something about compound interest it should spark an interest.

So if you are into investing and holding crypto, or into collecting rare crypto currencies
Then this might be something for you, you can buy the token for 1 hive right now by sending hive to @ctpsb, but hurry you only have until the end of September to get it at this price.
The token will be distributed when the sale has ended.

Until next time.
Have a nice weekend & God bless.


Thanks for sharing your personal opinion about the CTP Swarm Booster... I'm sharing your opinion and will invest a bit more in the next couple of days... The idea is great and I have no doubts in @achim03 and his financial skills and calculations... :)

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It will be great to have you onboard.

I'm sharing your opinion and will invest a bit more in the next couple of days...

Thats sounds interesting ;-).

The idea is great and I have no doubts in @achim03 and his financial skills and calculations... :)

Thanks for your trust :-)

You are welcome! You earned it! :)

You took a very wise decision
A valid reason for supporting the project
Better to grow together

I invested some into the swarm booster account too. Even though I don't completely understand it I see the potential for growth. Thank you for sharing your perspective on investing in the swarm booster.

That is really cool of you to contribute so much to the community. I know this will go far with the CTPSB account and benefit many people in the swarm.

Man what a pleasure to read your post and to see your support for this project. I think you act based on a very analytical and logical approach. This is a very new project that unifies a lot of different things. I think it's a very complex concept but it's quite revolutionary :-). Thanks a lot for your trust and for your support for this project.

It is a joy to be able to be a part of it.
The concept is not too different from the corporate world where a company issue stocks that is available for sale.
Because the CTPSB token is kind of a share in the CTPSB account.
So it is actually not that hard to comprehend.

I think is not hard to support those who support you-i do Beneficiaries on posts and is not much but is good feeling to contribute a bit....I just love idea

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