State of Splinterlands

in dtube •  11 months ago  (edited)

Aggroed discusses the end of last season and goes through a variety of Splinterlands metrics

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It's interesting a breakdown like this. this helps me understand @splinterlands just a bit better. I hope to buy up a few more beta packs before their all gone.

The future of this games sounds amazing. Thanks for the keeping us up to date.

Thank you for The Update and Yes looking forward to more Exciting Things Coming Up @aggroed ......

Why are we not on
With 3000 daily users, we'd be right at the top of the leaderboard, neck and neck with Prospectors.

Because they don't support Steem apps at all.

I tweeted, and hit them up in their discord dropping some stats and requesting they add Steem and Splinterlands, is there history there? Have they shot us down in the past?
Dappradar is much higher up the alexa rankings than, have they given us a path to being listed?

It looks promising!
I love it! 😊

good update, thank you. Just watched your show on MSP, was great!

Cards that are selling daily means more are playing, especially on the market people are generally filling out their cards to get to the competition level they are aiming for. You may be surprised by where DEC prices go, especially if there is a floor built in like that with your buy wall. When the game can advance into virtual worlds with a building element to it that can be ridiculous, I am really pumped to hear about that when it gets nearer to being able to being launched down the road. Pretty safe to say that DEC was a success beyond anyone's expectations, wow. Thanks for keeping us up to date and not becoming a member of "The Steemit Witness Protection Program," lol. Thanks again keep up the great work!

😎 This is awesome @aggroed ! Glad to hear about the Untamed Series And the World Building Expansion / Crafting thingy!! lol, soooooo looking to forward to that, keep up the great work, Splinterlands is going to be LEGENDARY & EPIC!! Upped 💯 and resteemed! #palnet #spt #neoxian #steemleo