Making Money By Playing Splinterlands. My Regular Live Stream Of Splinterlands.

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Hello, steemians!

How are you ? Hopefully you are all well and I am also fine. Here is my regular live stream of Splinterlands.

I thought streaming Splinterlands will help both steem and Splinterlands. It’s like promoting both on youtube. I know I have to add my voice commentary but I have not equipments right now. So I think I have to write down about my strategies.

  • In the first battle the combat rule was 'Taking Slide' and mana cap was 21. All of my good cards are cooldown at this moment for transfering issue. Without Fire, other splinters are only level one. In this battle, fire was unavailable. So I selected Selenia Sky and Water splinter. I choose Serpent of the Eld in the first place because it has Armors with high damage and speed. Also it has Dodge ability. Then I placed Fire Spitter because it is a range card because I my summoner is Selenia Sky. Then I used Lightning Dragon because of it's high speed and damage and also it is a range card. My strategy worked I won the match.

  • In the second battle , combat rule was Up Close and Personnel and mana cap was 29. In this battle Fire was available. So I selected Fire splinter and placed Molten Ogre in the first place because it has high damage and health. Also it has Demoralize ability. Then I placed Giant Roc because it has Reach ability and it will attack from the second place also. Then I place Grumpy Dwarf. I used it as a backup and I know it is a Reach card. After that I placed Cerberus as a backup. Then I placed Kobold Miner because of it's Sneake ability with high damage and speed. Then I used Creeping Ooze for it's Slow ability. My strategy worked and I won the match again.

  • In the third battle, combat rule was Melee Myhem amd mana cap was 13. It was an experimental match for me. I took risk using Exploding Dwarf in this match. I placed Cerberus in the first position because of it's Heal ability with high speed and damage. Then I placed Furious Chicken as a backup. Then I placed Exploding Dwarf because of it's high speed and damage with Blast ability. After that I used Creeping Ooze for it's slow ability and to fill up the mana. My strategy didn't worked for this time and I lost this match.

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