Steem practical examples - #3: How Steem empowers communities with their own tradable token!

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Today I would like to showcase how Steem-Engine on the Steem blockchain makes it possible to empower communities with their own token and reward model.

I'm trying to keep it simple by showcasing what's possible with Steem and focusing less on all the technical aspects.

I ditched the intro where I talk in the camera first because I didn't think it added much value to the examples.

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Enjoying this series! You're a great spokesman!

 last year (edited)

Thank you, man!

Can I ask you a question?

As someone who is pretty familiar with Steem do you think I strike a right balance between keeping it simple for someone not familiar with Steem to someone like yourself?

Yes the balance is good. Actually I rely on your blogs and vlogs in order to stay current. I just claimed my PAL tokens so that's cool.

I'm still a bit concerned about the next hard fork because I am thinking that BIG corporate investors can buy massive amounts of SP under the current economic model and reward their communities.

When I met the team from @oracle-d at Decentralized in Athens last October I think that that was their pitch to big investors.

Thanks for letting me know! and I do share that concern too. But for now, I'm going to wait until the 'new' curve is announced and see what it looks like first before speculating more about it. Let's see!

I'm hoping they make a slider for voting i.e 100% PAL, 10% steem etc.

Thanks, great video

Agree Sir, I dont find slider on yet. So when I do vote that must be 100% .

i have a slider on Palnet (i think you need more tokens to get one) but challenge i had was i wanted to upvote say 80% in PAL but not 80% in steem. The only way for me to change that without constantly using two accounts for voting, was to downsize my michealb steem account lol

Yes, I have voted twice from PAL, I thought it would not reduce my Voting power, but I got my voting power reduced by 4% because of this.

Thank you for your wise advice, I think to stake more PAL.

Anyway, I dont see your post last 2 week on the platform, hehe

Taking a break from actifit for a few more weeks at least.

Take your break, Sir.
We are waiting for your support later :)

I would like to see something like that as well. I think I heard yabapmatt say it can be done but it's not a priority right now which I can also understand. These guys are working hard.

Nice clear video man. steem-engine is going great guns and is showing some of the potential of Steem.

I wonder how ned and the team feel about it all. In some ways they should be really happy with the organisation taking place, but I think there will be a part of them wishing it was SMT leading the way.

From what I hear from Steem Engine is that they will welcome SMT's when they come out and want to work together which I think is cool. I'm personally happy the first steps to tokenize the web are underway. It's pretty cool to follow.

Ahh, that's interesting. And yes, very cool to follow - watching PAL token move today has kept me busy!

There are making their own tradable token on steem is kind of one of the best thing is going on with this blockchain right now. It will surely development of great eco systems on STEEM to future ahead.

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Mark I am all excited because I bought more PAL Tokens too. @exyle so many Great Things Happening right now with Steem-Engine

😂🤣😂🤣😂 yeaahh I bought in cheap pal en spt but pal is going up great! So are we setting up a steemupmeeting coin? The SM coin. 😝😇 with a festival board so everyone can up their festivals with a calendar option so people get warned if there is a festival in the neighbourhood.

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so it took me about a week lol but i finally ‘understood’ what PAL was tonight.

and went and grabbed a PALMM token. Staked it. Ready to rock :)

it’s crazy cause i thought i understood Steem. and it’s potential. but seeing PAL and Splintertalk live. and thriving. It’s got me even more pumped up.

Huge things ahead. I think you said it perfectly...This cannot he stopped.

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So many new things on the steem blockchain!! I’m trying to catch up! 😬

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You know you sitting on a winner when you have to do that!


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Thanks for continuing to cover these aspects of tokenization and how they may or may not impact things when SMT's finally come. I really value your insight and opinion!

Thank you, man!

What the @steemmonsters team has done in the last 5 months is amazing!
They have made possible what the steemit team was preaching but not producing.

I'm super excited to see what becomes of this.

Thank You so much Snr. @exyle for your video, I'm not good in English, but its help.

You are welcome.

I didn't know about Splinter Talk. Posting this from it now. So hard to keep up with everything happening with Steem, I'll have to try harder :)

Haha! It is hard, but it's actually a good thing!

I really think you should post this video series on YouTube aswell! We need informative content to be seen when someone does a search for info on Steem

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Hey nice to see your vlog about this matter.
Anway we are seeing many new tokens are coming one by one also for all these token we need to use steem-engine. Also recent two token are really awesome we are seeing.Anyway we have both token lets see whats happend in future.Also many token we are buying from steemengine its doing our work more easy.
Thanks sir have a nice day.

Anyway and also are my favorite words too :)

A clean explanation about Steem interfaces. Great!

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Great to know everything in detail from your vlog today steem is really the power that is empowering others

Hello dear. I have a secret love for you!

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Muito obrigado pelo conteúdo.

I love your words, @exyle

@exyle, Thank you so much for investing your time in explaining this subject effectively. And definitely this is just a part and glimpses of whole Steem Ecosystem and many more exciting stuff is going on.

Most importantly Tokenised Ecosystem is taking us for a exciting ride.

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