Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Fire Splinter - Malric Inferno Wins Two

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Fire Splinter with Malric Inferno as my summoner to defeat both @vi0 and @suazzhasd.

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Nice battles, Jeff. I especially love my Kobolt Miner card, as he really gets in there with some quick, piercing shots at the the right moment.

This @splinterlands game is really starting to take off now, and as you can see from my quite INTENSIVE ongoing weekly series :

"Steem Monsters" + "Drug Wars" -- Power Strategy Tips #36

I'm really getting into this stuff, and starting to LITERALLY make this " blockchain gaming " stuff into an enjoyable part-time job - which sure the hell beats teaching English out here.

Also, through my larger " blockchain gaming " research and posting effort here on Steemit I discovered the excellent "Prospectors" game (which I have started to write about in my currently weekly series post (link above). "Prospectors" is essentially a more polished version of Drug Wars ( that is, where we all hope DrugWars can get to eventually), and the overall adminitration and amount of chatter online (YouTube search : "Prospectors" EOS game tutorial" and you will find LOTS of JUICY videos.

I draw in one dude from Drug Wars over to Prospectors, and we are working together (using the nice in-game chat) to enjoy exploring and collaborating our efforts. It would be AWESOME if you could pop in and explore the game a little. I am trying to put together a nice little group there so we can at least give that game a try to see if it has some longer-term viability. I am personally enjoying it, and playing daily.

Here's my referral link for "Prospectors" : https://prospectors.io?waxref=jfkqq.wam (or you can just join from the main site page). I got a nice little referall bonus of 13 gold from the other guy yesterday, and so at this beginning phase of the game, as I get my bearings, it's nice to have a little extra boost of gold to start buying tools so I can then earn more from mining gold, coal, clay, etc. I am also working on getting a few other serious players over from DrugWars.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts. I intend to continue exploring as many of the "high octane" games which are being released, to learn more about " blockchain gaming " from each one (and each genre), and progressively building my own personal "community" of serious players who can join me in this process (as/if they are so inclined). So "Propectors" is the "hot" on for me right now, along with Splinterlands (my main game), which I believe is in the process of MOONING...

Okay, enough typing. I need to say some finger-power for my games...

Over and out,


I like to mess around and test out as many games as I can too. Some are rewarding. I've recently started playing HashKings https://www.qwoyn.io/

I'll have to check out prospectors, I haven't done much with EOS yet so I'd like to see what it's all about

Oh, nice. A cannabis-growing themed game, which appears (at first glace) to be of simiar genre to "Prospectors". I signed up (so if that was a referral link you got a new referral), and will take a look around. I probably WON'T get too deep with this on, simply due to the limited amount of time/energy I currently have on-hand. I am on the lookout to "go deep" with games which are UNIQUE, and on diverse blockchains, and with serious marketing power behind the. For instance, when you look at the overall "presence" of "Prospectors" (YouTube search "Prospectors EOS game" : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=prospectors+eos+game there are TONS of videos, by a DIVERSE community of people. PLus, it's on EOS / WAX, and so I can diversify with my game-play earning, WITHOUT having to tap into more BTC, and so gradually build my holdings AND diversify, while also LEARNING valuable skills and marketing stuff in the process. Contrast the YouTube presence of "Prospectors" with the equivalent Steem-based game "Drug Wars" :

The official Drug Wars channel literally has THREE videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkL2TKHfMD1gUd_DTiX6WGA

and a YouTube search for "Drug Wars steem game" barely returns a handful of results, NONE of which are even from the official channel!

The only game which I believe has AROUND as much presence as "Prospectors" is "SteemMonsters" (which is my primary game, as you probably know). A YouTube search for the single word "Steemmonsters" presents a similarly DENSE return as "Prospectors": https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=steemmonsters and since one of the core things which is becoming clear to me in my research at this juncture is that these games are all about COMMUNITY. If a specific game doesn't have a solid community backing it then it's destined for failure. Like with Drug Wars. They seem to be "rowing in place", and will likely NOT have long-term viability. However, that game was instrumental in PRIMING me with the skills and experience to easily get rolling with "Prospectors", which is why I am saying that it is worth one's time exploring MANY of these games, but that exploration should be done STRATEGICALLY. The main reasons why I continue to play Drug Wars are to : ( 1 ) support a STeem-based games (although there are now others), ( 2 ) to continue earning DWD with my current assets (to convert to DEC and then Steemmonsters cards), ( 3 ) as marketing analysis fodder for my weekly series posts (which are earning a good 20+ Steem/SP per week (which I have now decided to use to buy up 1.0 EOS per weekly payout to then trade for PGL to fund my "Prospectors" game effort, and ( 4 ) because I am a member of one of the gangs, and that COMMUNITY is valuable. I am willing to give Drug Wars a little more time to get it together, but if they keep treading water, AND if "Prospectors" shows to be more enjoyable and profitable, I WILL consider swapping "Prospectors" in for "Drug Wars" in my weekly series - especially since SteemMonsters has announced that they are integrating with WAX (which the new version of "Prospectors" is running on. From a marketing perspective, a ""Splinterlands" + "Prospectors" Power Strategy Tip" weekly series will have more SEO power, and reach than the current "SteemMonsters + Drug Wars" Power Strategy Tips" weekly series. This is the major tweak I am in the process of considering and preparing for right now...


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Good video. I like being able to hear people work through their lineup.

I'd love to see some more to your post next time... and maybe (in post or in video) answer the questions I suggest under CHALLENGE RULES.😉

Gave ya the upvote to hopefully encourage you.
And thank you for sharing to Youtube and Twitter!

Thanks a lot @carrieallen, I will try to do better next time ;)

Not sure what that guy is going on about with drug wars, that game started good then went to shit. But Splinterlands just keeps getting a little more refined. Malric is one of my top three fav all time summoners :P