Rewards Cards Potions - Worth It? 20190729

in dtube •  11 months ago 

This video is an analysis on the rewards cards and potions. Is it worth it to buy potions for your quest and season rewards?

The short answer is not really. Expected value of profits are pretty much the same. If you want to boost your golds or your legendaries then go for it, but the profit opportunity has been pretty much arbitraged away given today's prices.

One thing I did not mention in the video is that this is using the conservative bid value for GFLs rather than the ask values. So you might come to a different conclusion if you think the ask values are more relevant than the bid/DEC values:

The Math:

It's always a little sad when markets are behaving rationally. I like to be able to take advantage of those arbs!

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Well if that Gold foils are from beta you can bet that soon will worth having some. It's a matter of time.

This analysis is only looking at the rewards cards.

Then it's a matter of more time XD.

Thanks for the video, Neal! I guess it us up to us if we want to have better cards or simply the highest return and accordingly use the potions.

While you are still asking, an analysis on the quest potion would be really good as well. Seems like the return of investment is still slightly below profitable but I might be mistaken.

The quests and season rewards are all the same cards. So these numbers are for both.

I know but I am talking about the potion that gives 5 extra daily quest reward cards and costs 2500 DEC.


Not a good buy. You lose about 2000 DEC in all cases.

Wow, that is far worse than I thought. I assumed it would be slightly below the potions value but this is a different story. Thanks for sharing the work.

Thanks for the math! I have had the same feeling when trying them out myself and stopped using most potions except the Mystery one which I have been quite lucky with so far!