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No one knows exactly from which universe this alien arrived, where this creature lived
But some scholars are guessing that it arrived from universe of wisdom, they have fiery thumb and firing punch, falling under the fire club
Exploding dwarf loves mountains and staying in the earth, but yet they are unearth
They show up like they were there from forever, but not like never.

They travelled to splinterlands universe from universe of wisdom to play the role of being of death, they are holding the hammer of death
That heavy hammer generating fearful environment, it's a deadly craft
Monsters of splinterlands started giving high regards to exploding dwarf, their appearance is like they just done the fire surf
Under the splinterlands land they are searching and mining for magical artifacts, other monsters found the facts.

But other monsters fearing about the fire which is covering whole body of exploding dwarf, like fire is their scarf
They know very secretive and other worldly doors of molten mountains, which have connection with monstrous tense
These creatures guard these doors so that no one will go through from those doors, for that they come up with weird and scary roars
They turn monstrous and attack with their hammer when someone calls them ugly, it makes them deadly angry.

Their dress and shoes reflects the image of a kid, those heavy shoes looks like just bought from the lore of bid
Their clothes are very high tech, like some connection with goblin mech
Like these clothes are artificially intelligent, like exploding dwarf is other worldly agent
Who stays on the fire wharf, is exploding dwarf.

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