I should have bought more Steem Monsters Cards.

in #exylelast year (edited)

I was checking some of my old posts about Steem Monsters.

It's always fun to look back at a thought process and how you felt about something when it wasn't clear what it would become.

This is what I thought in June 2018.

from the post:

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 11.39.50.png

I'm glad I believed it! Because has this game taken off!

I bought a lot of cards back then and focused on Gold Foils mostly.

This is probably one of the best deals I made.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 11.39.02.png

Admittedly 90 STEEM back then was worth way more then it is today ($144)!

But Still...90 STEEM today is only $11,70 and these cards have gone up a lot in dollar value. (Also noticed some of them have higher levels. I didn't even realize that when I bought them at the time).

This is part of the market today.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 12.04.07.png

Another example of cards retaining value are these Gold Epics:

I bought those for 142 STEEM or $227.

142 STEEM is now $18,50. But these cards have all gone up in dollar value.

This is the market today.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 11.53.26.png

My biggest regret in my thought process was underestimating the Alpha common cards.

I remember those going for less than 2 cents. And full alpha sets even cheaper. And look at them now.

Insane prices.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 11.38.02.png

This is the problem with opportunities, they never last long.

And they usually never ever come back.

I'm very happy with the cards that I bought but...

I should have bought more Steem Monsters Cards......

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Very interesting. I only became aware this game even existed a week ago or so. I'm floored that some cards have actually increased in dollar value relative to STEEM given how low it's value has dropped in the past 12+ months. Well done.

Well Done!

You even left a comment on my post back then:

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 13.28.44.png

I should have...

That's how much many who have refused to come to the light of #uncensored concent and #freespeech that platforms like steem offer.

More troubling will be the agonizing regrets of Steem users who deserted content creation because the prices went low.

This who stayed will tell a better story.

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I'm one of the people who stayed 😀

And now you're smiling I guess. If not now, your smiles in the coming weeks will be so LOUD 😃

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Damn, thats a nice collection. Just bought 100 beta packs, lets see what happens to these when they sell out lol

Nice! You keeping them? or tempted to open them?

I opened all of them haha... maybe I should get some for packs for later to hold 🤑

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I didn't understand the game, (still I don't). However, I had bought some initial cards for 5 steems when steem was well over $1. I don't understand how to sell it or what exactly has happened to my cards.


Your cards are under your account.

Thank you!

Mark to this Point the Steemmonsters were the best Crypto Investment I have made during the Past Two Years. I Think the Alpha Cards are going to be incredible even more so in The Future............

I think so too, especially because of the DEC token.

I'm glad I meet steemmonsters before and I keep on playing steemmonsters since the day the rank battles started..

Another opportunity nearly to fly again because only not less than 60k packs left and once they sold out we will never get a chance again to open packs again with the same cards.. as you said opportunities don't last long.. so I wish I had enough money to buy some packs before they ran out...

@exyle is there any way to learn about steem monster game

There's a "How to Play" section under the "Battle" tab at splinterlands.io/?ref=exyle
Watch a few matches, play a few. If you have any questions, ask in the discord channel.

Im glad I bought lord aranthus (spelling) whenever he was under a dollar or at a follar. I have a maxed out one that i might have paid $11 for thats now selling for much more. Was also paying with sbd when it was at 1$ so as cheam gets cheaper makes it even harder to not sell.

One reason I hold back is what you just covered. Id rather hold onto steem at the bottom and take profit into cards as steem price steadily rises.

My specualtion is Steem price will rise quicker than the card price but we will see.

Another good bet i made was investing in "sealed product". Bought for $3 sold for around $6 or $7. Im hoping sbd goes back up as I want to invest in more beta packs, but might just have to bite the bullet.

Haha, I think they call him lord anus. I have a few of them too.

And you are right, if Steem goes up the cards should stay around the same value.

I am happy I bought a bunch but largely ignored the gold foil thinking they were too expensive!

I totally agree. I could've eaten less. I could've defaulted on bills. I could have had my paycheck go directly to peakmonsters-- lol, but now they are just missed opportunities. Who needs a credit rating, shelter and nourishment anyway?

Nice one @exyle deck looks amazing. HODL my friend lol

I have huge regrets about every card I have sold but you also have to take in consideration that this is market with very little liquidity. So if you want to sell quicker the bid prices would be more accurate. If you want to sell quick in bulk probably less

But yeah for those prices it was a steal in hinsight...but the game was...well it was kind of shit when it released tbh and is far better now.

Looking forward to PVE

Yeah, was a risky investment back then but it paid off nicely so far!

Get some beta's before they disappear. The difference this time is that ALL the cards from Alpha/Beta will be gone. Last time Betas arrived and consisted mostly of what was in Alpha.

I am going to get another 100 packs very shortly.

Do you know if there is demand for the cards if you try to sell? I've seen a couple of alphas that only have 3 sell order on the market and no one seems to pick them up... that's my only issue atm, but regardless of this, when FOMO sets in and we start having an influx of new users on the ecosystem there will most likely appear demand for them.

You were lucky to get in when the prices were so low! Nice collection of cards.

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Keep going with your card sir.
Hopefully in near future I will join in this game.
As a small user it's not possible for me to make my investment right now.

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Can blame @mattclarke for the price of flesh golems 😂

He started stacking up on flesh golems before the cards even had stats... A gamble at the time, which has turned into a smart move!

Well I recently started a game , last time I checked steemmonsters in first launch it wasn't a game I just click a button and watch and animation , I honestly have no idea if they improved game part of the game but I sold all my cards and I got surprised that it have a solid economy in cards. I recently started another card game and I honestly think its THE BOMB ! well card packs are a little expensive but the economy is great and its actually playable , Gods Unchained is a new competitive trading card game backed by Coinbase and led by the former Director of Magic the Gathering: Arena. The cards are real world tradable in an open economy, remember their stats and history, and you'll be able to play for keeps and earn valuable cards. Gods Unchained is free to play and currently in beta. You need to be invited to get in, but if you're interested in trying it you're welcome to use my beta key! https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=ZlVnRmXCaO

I had the same thoughts as you, I been around since Alpha but didn't start investing until BETA.

I'd love to get rid of mine. I never played. I'm glad the went up in value

I just picked up some more of the Beta packs the other day. I am going to hold onto them until after all of the packs have been sold and then I will probably open them or sell them. I wish I had held onto some of my other cards a little longer. At least until after DEC's if I had know those were coming. I still made some good money on my cards.