Splinterlands sold 700k BETA packs + Heron's Unlimited service is great.

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I have rented out my deck to the Heron's Unlimited service by @tcpolymath.

The experience has been great.

He found a good player for me and for about 10 days now the player has been playing my deck.

We split everything 50/50.

I'm looking at roughly 24,000-25,000 DEC tokens coming in every 10 days.

I doubt I could have done better alone.

Current market price about 110 STEEM. So roughly 300 STEEM a month in DEC.

I'm keeping the DEC though, I expect it to go up in value as the game grows.

And the game is getting popular like you wouldn't believe.

One look at the BETA packs sales and it's easy to see.

I'm sure this number was above 200k yesterday.

Screenshot 2019-08-10 at 08.58.25.png

That's 8k packs gone overnight.

They are flying out the door. What a result for the team!

Tournaments are also closing in on $50,000 in prize money given away!

Screenshot 2019-08-10 at 09.22.30.png

I often hear that not everyone likes games (including my mom, lol).

But even if you are not a gamer, I'm sure everyone can appreciate what an amazing showcase Splinterlands is of what's possible if you empower your application with Steem!

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thank massage

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Nice! I think I'm going to rent my SM cards as well!

I think the number was 203k yesterday and so that is great :D

I bought a fair amount of DEC recently as a STEEM hedge and see this S-E token as one of the few holding its value / increasing over the coming months.

I'm also holding a nice amount of DEC. Inflation comes down every month with 1% and plenty of burn options are already implemented. It's looking good!

I also hodl DEC. Do you know what the inflation is though?

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It started with 1 million a day. Reduced by 1% every month.

Quick one please...ENG or DEC? First choice

DEC ;)

Personally, DEC, although it's gone up a lot this morning so I would look for a lower entry.

That is great to hear. Actually the new system of the delegation and renting that was introduce sometimes ago has help also to be able to rent deck to players

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That's massive for splinterlands !

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For one of your next videos... What about pointing out that on Steempeak, you can actually see all of the Steem-based tokens you own right there in your wallet.

For example, here are the couple of dozen @exyle has in his account: https://steempeak.com/@exyle/transfers :)

And that's not even all, you can also send or trade those tokens right there from your wallet, at Steempeak.

Steempeak has one of the slickest designs, and already has this feature. One of my favorite Steem login sites for now certainly!

Worth mentioning in one of your vlogs, no? It's an important feature and Steempeak isn't getting enough of love for this at this moment!

There was a short time ago that I thought there was no way they were ever going to sell out all of the Beta packs. I am glad to see that I might have been wrong. There seems to be a lot more interest lately.