The competition this season on Splinterlands is insane! Marketcap also crosses 1,8 million.

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This season I truly did my best to end up in the top 50 of the leaderboard in ranked play.

In 3 hours this season is over.

I managed to reach Champion 1 (the highest league) but after seeing my character fly off the Splinterlands board once more just now I have resigned to the fact this season that I'm not going to make it.

I'm currently in spot #60.

Man, it's tough out there!

It's a good thing though.

There are a lot of dedicated players playing this game and those are needed in any competitive game!

In the end, winning comes down to skill x deck x time.

And it's well deserved for those who managed to do all that!

I do win a little bit in other departments though.

This is the market cap of the Splinterlands market.

And Yeah, that's looking pretty good!

We just crossed 1,8 million for the first time.

Good enough for me to have a beer and enjoy a relaxing Saturday night!

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Good for you Mark! I never did play steem monsters. Luckily someone dropped by and offered to buy my cards! Nice way to get 30 Steem. I hope he got some good cards! Better luck next time but, it does seem you did pretty darn well this round with such stiff competition!

Mark @exyle you embraced the Game Early On and You purchased lots of Cards and Now It is Paying Off and So Many of Our "A" Cards are going to Be Worth a lot More in the Future. Congrats on being in the Top 100 again this Season !

Most cards today will be so rare when this game lifts off. It should work well for us, man!

Good enough for me to have a beer and enjoy a relaxing Saturday night!

Call it a guess, but you don’t much of an excuse to do that? 😏

lol! Yeah, one could say I am pretty flexible regarding that :)

I know I dished out more rounds or at least it felt like it. Earning the DEC for battles makes it that little extra more rewarding! So its a good stick feature to keep coming back to. Just under 2 hours left wonder if I should try and go for Diamond 1 hmmmmm

The DEC sure makes an extra nice bonus!

Solid Diamond I for me, although slipped back to Diamond II now (Blue dailies hurt). Only just in the top 200.
If I never completely max out my cards I can convince myself I'm actually good, and they're just holding me back :)

I stopped concentrating on the dailies and go for maximizing DEC instead. If a setup comes along that involves the splinter I need for the daily, happy days but if I force it I just lose non stop.

I need to focus more on that, too. I keep pushing on with the same splinter despite the ruleset; then it drags on, as my opponents have more insight into teams I'm likely to field.... It'd be quicker, and more lucrative in terms of DEC; to just play the best team for the rules and let the quest complete itself.

I barely managed to solve my Fire dailies this season, huge pain, huge huge pain. Its like game wanted to troll me, I never had so many Fire quests before :)

Damn! I’m around #160... getting my butt kicked as I write this 😂

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Mark, @excyle are you going to show your reward cards just like @stackin?
I'm curious what a player like you would get in the end of a season. Dank je!

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I got 150 cards and only 1 gold common. No legendaries this time.

Omg, that must give a frustrating feeling! Good luck next season!

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crazy season strength indeed, rentals play a role i think. i didn't even make top 10 while making top 5 for the last 3 seasons, phew..will also open a beer :-) Cheers!

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Hope you enjoyed the beer, man! I know I did :)

Grats on getting to place 60 im at place ??? Well silver2 I didnt play daily and didnt invest. And im like playing drugwars cast steemmonsters char. Nextcolony plus other game with posting and just normal life... so for me its a bit im gooooood with this. 🙈

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Congratulation man for your position of 60 and market cap seems to be really nice.

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Liveliness, typography, shot, hues – progressive, companion.

Playfulness, typography, shot, colours – revolutionary, friend.

I am not a regular player though. This is due to internet data issues. I am curious to know if splinterlands plan on getting a token like palcoin anytime soon? @exyle

There are DEC and SPT tokens out there... check it out.. ;)


But being #60 in this wonderful and cut-throat competitive game is still an amazing achievement ... :)

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there are many tough players are playing this makes more tough and interesting
however you did good

Been at #60 is still an achievement worth proud of. Since I have been playing steemmonster, I Didn't think I have ever come near the #60 spot

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That's crazy great to see the tremendous growth

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I was out of town so I had to just settle with where I was at. I got my reward cards this morning though!