Day-667-Freewrite Sunday Running Water 🚱

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: running water

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On Wednesday we received a door hanger from SAWS (San Antonio Water Systems), that tomorrow we would have no running water for about three hours. It also said that we should fill up some containers for drinking water. The last time they were working on the water lines it took six hours for them to get the water flowing again, and we had to bleed the lines to get all the air out of the spigots. Not that I don't trust what SAWS plans are, but they don't have a very good track record with me. I'm not very happy with our city water department, everytime they give the CEO a bonus our rates go up. I just have a problem with city officials making more than the President of these United States. What could they be doing that warrant's a salary of over $400,000? I'm fed up with this city, I need to move to a tiny town in Nebraska! 🤔

Story and photo by Bruni
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its based on true story? that there was no water running for 3 hours?

Yes, they were replacing a long section of pipe @vibesforlife. 😾

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You can drink your water from the taps? Lucky you. But 400K is still too much.

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Thanks for the prompt drop. 💪

Glad to, @wonderwop :) I am so happy I took on this task. It makes for some good reading each week.

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