Day-668-Freewrite Monday Describe the view from your bedroom window

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: describe the view from your bedroom window

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The new cedar fencing lines the perimeter of the property, like the chain linked fencing of a prison yard. Does it keep them out, or keep us in! The thirsty fig tree begs for water as the daily temps surpassed 100° once again. Is that 10 or 11 days in a row now, my mind grows weary as this heat is not conducive to my obese body. Lord please bring the relief of those 7 cold days in February, oh those long San Antonio winter's. I'll pluck the fruit from my pampered figlet, as that's my baby that I worked into the ground when Debbie's lemon tree froze. During the winter months, I'll use my rotund body to shelter her from the wind, as I stand next to her so she can absorb my warmth. With only a quilt wrapped around us as we unite as one. All this work so that I might be able to harvest my 11 puny figs each year, as the birds seem to enjoy them more than me. The view from Debbie's bedroom window still beats the pants off the view from mine, this butt ugly 12 foot sound barrier wall that the State of Texas thought was a good idea. 😾
Story and photos by Bruni
My Splinterlands quest today was fought with the Life Splinter once again and I'm still stuck in Silver I level. Always happy to see Gold in my cards!

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You are so nice to your fig tree!!!

I love her. 💕

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I would be so happy with eleven figs! I understand about the work though. For me, I have to loosely wrap it, fill that with leaves several times, then in the spring undo all I did. Not for me, I'll just take the pretty bush without the delicious figs.

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Thank you for dropping the prompt. 💕

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