Day-678-Freewrite Thursday Wildfires

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: wildfires

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I've been writing about how hot and dry it's been for the last month in San Antonio Texas and what do I see today while driving down the highway, some stupid bitch tossing a lit cigarette out her car window. How the hell are people so fucking stupid, don't they know that's one way wildfires get started. I tried to catch up to her so I could get her license plate number, but she was speeding away. They need to pass a law that taxpayers can attack stupid people driving down the road. Whether they are speeding or weaving in and out of traffic, we should be able to bump them into a ditch. I would put a big old brush guard on my pickup and drive around all day long bumping people into ditches. Between texting and driving or littering, our police department would never get to go home if they were passing out tickets for these offensives. Plus our city coffers would be overflowing with cash. Quit littering you assholes you never know who's watching! 👀

Story by Bruni
I joined a Splinterlands Guild today and once I know more about them I'll update you. Today my battles were fought with my Fire Splinter, and there's only one day left in this season. Reward cards passed out tomorrow night. Here's my quest reward cards for today.

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Uh, just accept the fact that there are stupid people everywhere...

Maybe get a super high definition camcorder for your car, lol. No matter where you go those offenders will be recorded :3

I feel as aggrieved as you about this dangerous behaviour. It is as bad as leaving campfire embers smouldering.

Dude! I feel the same way! Although, not sure how a ditched car would get the stupid out of them, perhaps a bitch slap could just hit some sense into them 😛

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And then there are those who come and when they leave they leave nothing behind as if they were never here...

People are really stupid. What you have witnessed is relatively low. Feel good about that.